"Matches her intelligence with empathy, patience and humor"

"Matches her intelligence with empathy, patience and humor"
Susan has been a friend, mentor and teacher to me for many years. She has an incredible breadth of knowledge about the voice, performance and repertoire, which is enhanced by her experience on and off stage. Susan has an incredible ear, and can listen, assess and move forward in a lesson, with extraordinary precision. Thankfully, she matches her intelligence with empathy and patience (and some humour!), which makes for in-depth and thoughtful lessons.

In recent years, working with Susan on a more regular basis has helped me move forward in many ways. I sincerely feel like not just a better singer, but a better person having worked with Susan. I feel confident about my voice and what I have to offer, and know that I have someone on my team that is there to assist me in putting my best artistic package forward.
— Cara McLeod, Soprano and Voice Teacher

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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