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Speaking of voice: my study, knowledge, and use of the speaking voice, has given me access to venues and stages worldwide, in so many capacities! My work from the stage and the podium has been said to be motivational, empowering, easily accessible, and transformational. 

Some topics I regularly cover include:

  • Authentic Voice: What to Reveal & How to Develop It

  • Consciousness of Voice: Physicalizing through Breath & Body

  • Speaking of Voice: How Healthy is Yours?

  • Vocal Instrument: Care & Development for Power & Longevity

  • Vocal Fry: Fatigued and What to Do About It?

I have been on the stage from a very young age, so the idea of public speaking was never too far from my grasp. I began writing and speaking in high school, which included an opportunity in my senior year to make my first trip to New York City under the auspices of the United Nations. I wrote and delivered a speech to great acclaim on the floor of the UN General Assembly. 

My work as a speaker focuses primarily on the voice as an instrument, as a function of carrying your message: its health, and how it can be developed and utilized to its full potential in order for the message, your message, to be heard - literally and figuratively!

No voice is too small;  or too large - not to be heard!  If you are a voice that resides in the business or corporate sector, in media or entrepreneurship, and that voice is not developed and consciously taken care of, it is denied the conscious access into its physicality and its truth! You cannot afford that in your business on any level.  Knowing how to care and develop the vocal instrument allows speakers of any kind to access more longevity, sustainability, and power to speak with the authority of their profession and speciality. I speak to that empowerment, and how to harness it.


Speaking of voice: my work as a speaker has led to working with speakers—their voices and their physical/oral presentation. 

As a voice strategist, I work with entrepreneurs, CEOs, business coaches, media personas, podcasters, actors, businesses that need employees to use their voices daily - on the phone and in meetings - and more! I do this from the stage, in the board room, one-on-one consultations, and ongoing coaching and preparation with clients in my NYC studio, virtually online, on location with a client, as well as group workshops and retreats. 

Working with me comes in many forms, and ultimately is catered specifically to your needs and attention. Some of my work includes:

  • VIP 1:1 Coaching (hourly sessions or packages of in-person or “virtual” coaching)

  • VIP Full Day (immersive training at your location or in my NYC studio)

  • Group Lectures/Workshops (perfect for employee retreats, conventions, meetings, speaking bureaus, etc.)

If you use your voice, and you are limited by it in some way, or want to discover what more it can do for you, let's talk about what we can do together to realize it! My work is based on 30+ years of study and experience in voice development and presentation. This gives me a unique and well-grounded approach to what is required of you as expert in your field who uses your voice regularly—and sometimes to exhaustion! I know all too well what is demanded of a speaker’s voice;  I understand pitfalls in speaking, presenting, traveling, and the wear and tear on your body and voice, over time;   I also know how we can create some tangible, accessible behaviors and tools to create health, vitality, resonance, energy, and reliability very quickly and effectively.

Schedule a complimentary phone or video call to discuss what you might need currently or in the future and let's create it together! Should I gain your trust and your limited time, and I work diligently for that, we can make an immediate change and begin to create a course of realization that will transform how you use your voice and present your message.

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