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My studio is filled with singers in music theatre, opera, jazz and crossover genres—including established, emerging and developing artists!

The study of voice is not a one-size-fits-all.  It is a commitment to discover, develop and inhabit a physicality of craft that informs the many facets of you as a singer, performer and artist.

In the studio, we journey together to create a technical behavior that reveals your authenticity,  vocally & artistically.

The technical development of a voice is athletic.  It is both tangible and intangible.  All true technique in any discipline is behavior.  As singers, we need to create the behavior of our physical instruments fully,  so we can summon that behavior at will.

We work to discover & develop your athleticism,  your sound,  your breath, your authentic voice - to create a reliable, vibrant and healthy instrument - to take on the repertoire, the roles and the genres that you are able to, willing to, and meant to inhabit.

Knowledge is power, and the study of voice is no different.  Knowing WHY you do what you do, allows you to create more conscious behavior in your craft.  

My job and my life’s work is to find YOU, the singer, where you are.

Our goal together in the studio, is to access conscious technical behavior in order to be conscious of none! When we have allowed the consciousness of technique to become behavior, then we are truly learning to sing and speak, as the unique self! Together, we work to claim and reveal YOUR AUTHENTIC VOICE.

Regular, ongoing study always starts with a consultation in order to assess what you need, how we could approach it together and if we are a good fit. Please contact me using the form under the tab above.

Along with regular/ongoing/as needed, study in person in New York City, I offer stand alone consultations for singers, intensive study packages for singers visiting NYC, Career Consultations,  as well as Online Sessions worldwide.

I work with singers in many genres - Opera, Music Theatre, Jazz/Pop/Commercial - including Crossover Singers and those in Opera who are pursuing Music Theatre possibilities!

Please contact me for availability, and we will begin with a complimentary online video conversation. Please include a link to some of your work available on youtube or Vimeo, and the Studio will follow up with you requesting your head shot & resume.


I have been a guest teacher, lecturer, speaker for 30+ years, worldwide.

As my schedule allows, I still conduct workshops, master classes, and seminars for college/universities, private functions, theatre and opera companies, and adjudication for competitions and festivals.

Workshop topics have included, but not limited to:

  • The Physicality of the Voice

  • Creating Tangibility in Singing on Stage

  • The Musical Theatre Audition

  • The Opera Audition

  • Acting the Audition

  • Discovery of Character through Physicality and Sound

  • What is Cabaret & How Do I Do It?

  • Crossover for the Opera Artist

If you are interested in my guest teaching, or adjudicating, please contact me so we can develop it further and address the specifics you need!

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