faux journalism

faux journalism
As I was pouring coffee this morning, I had CNN on (or Headline News) - and the so-called faux journalist who reads the news actually said "pre-justiced" instead of prejudiced

It made me wonder again, why we must be overwhelmed with sorority cosmetic from a so-called news source.  Or if news has just become another form of entertainment, then why bother calling these "readers" journalists?   It has become such a white-washed conformity.

If we aren't using journalists to read the copy - and the corporations like CNN are NOT - then why not hire  actors who have some craft in language and delivery? How much more entertaining would it be????

I would be compelled to watch and listen just because there would be personality and gravitas in the delivery and voice! 

As it stands now, it is all the same - mundane, average, mediocre and frankly, purely beige.

Just a thought.  Imagine giving some actors with craft some work!

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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