Purging thus...non-equity auditions!

Purging thus...non-equity auditions!
okay - so I might blog more often right now, since SO MUCH IS ON MY MIND!!!! Then when my blogging has caught up with my mind, it'll slow down! lol

The question is thus - and not rhetorical: what the HELL has happened to the non-equity audition??????

Let me elaborate: I am speaking of the long lines, and ridiculous times of day (or night) that one must be standing on the street/signing up etc etc.  

What happened to a PROCESS that makes some sense?!

Since these so-called "sign up lists" are not put up by the casting directors/companies, why are they followed? 

If we are in a digital age why are the calls so ass-backwards?  Why is there a piece of paper duct-taped to a door?!??!?!

Why can't there be an electronic sign up 48 hours before an audition is to begin? Wouldn't that eliminate the riff-raff (and we all know there is PLENTY of that - see my other musing earlier today) and allow for a smoother process?  You sign up and are given the next available appointment (appointments can be 5 minutes apart) You show up 30 minutes prior incase everybody got typed out (!) - and voila - you are in and out. 

No lineups; no 5 a.m. bullshit; no waiting; 
and casting directors - LESS STRESS!!!!

Then if you missed the 48 hour sign-up you can show up in case there's a no-show/space etc and they can fit you in.

Why would this not work?!?!?!?! 
Everybody would be on their toes - and prepared and ready.  And hopefully, if not typed out, could sing their 16 bars to an attentive panel who wasn't on the phone or online. 

Could this work? OF COURSE it could!  
Please, take the idea - make it work - and don't acknowledge me, I am FINE with that! I just want to see a process work for a change and the people who need to be heard - HEARD.

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