Students and Responsibility to Self

Students and Responsibility to Self
As a continuation of the blog about surviving bad teaching...

What is the student's responsibility? Whether you are just beginning your voice studies or are a seasoned professional, what do you bring into that space between to access all you can for your craft and your development as an artist?

First, an honesty with yourself.  Why are you there? The answer may change, and it should, but you need to have a sense of self.  I am amazed that often when consulting with a prospective student when I ask "what can I do for you? how can I help you?" there is a stunned silence. 

Again, the relationship between teacher and student lies BETWEEN. Each entity feeds into that space and the student draws from it.  It is not all one-sided, from either direction.

Find out who you are studying with!  Do some research!  Get a sense of who this person is before you walk into that studio!  Ignorance is not bliss.

Come prepared with questions, with willingness to try, desire to learn and to be challenged.  Explore possibilities and bring your 110%!  Don't hand it over, just BRING IT!  USE IT!

You are a vibrant human being and developing artist who is obviously in the studio space for a reason. Find out WHY.  Create the space with the teacher, so you can learn and you can grow.  This is the unique nature of what private lessons are about.

Your success, whatever that means to you, relies on YOU to seek in that space.

Just the beginning...more to come!

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