Why are you in the studio?

Why are you in the studio?
Saturday musings...

every so often, it's good to ask why!!
Because it renews some perspective and helps you re-organize your raison d'etre...or at least reason for being THERE.

So, what are you doing in that studio with that teacher?

Do you know, or are you on automatic pilot and have forgotten?
Are you just spinning your wheels?
Have you a reason that makes sense to both of you?
Is it defined, or murky? Is it goal-oriented or just because?
Is it positive and strong or is it negative and frozen?

A singer-teacher relationship is an unique as the two people standing in front of each other. So it should be! It will be shaped by the personalities and energy between the two, HOWEVER, it is not about the energy, but how that energy informs the WORK that is crucial.

What are you there to DO?
Honesty is crucial. Maybe you don't know. Time to find out!!! Your teacher is not a mind reader - you have to DISCUSS THIS! You have to be on the same page - otherwise you work at cross purposes.

As a teacher it is one of the first questions I ask: why are you here? What can I help you with? I think it's about 50/50 with singers able to answer it and singers who cannot. It's okay either way...it should get you thinking, and DISCOVERING.

The more you can truly claim what you are there to DO and work WITH your teacher to establish that goal, the more your reason becomes tangible and the more chance there is of accomplishing it!

Again, self-honesty is crucial in this process. Your teacher is part of this process. You need to work TOGETHER.

It is up to you to inform yourself, and educate yourself in your REASONS and your REALITIES.

Your lessons in the studio need to be for YOU and for YOUR VOICE and FULL INSTRUMENT and YOUR ARTISTRY. Specific or general, this is primary. The physicality of your voice, the growth and balance of it, and how you gain more understanding, more development and more YOU.

Studio time should not be about drama, about games, about bullshit. Studio time needs to be about WORK. YOUR WORK and YOUR DEVELOPMENT.

Be prepared, be ready and be ABLE to explore it, develop it and claim it!

This is positive, forward momentum in order to achieve realistic goals in your vocal and artistic development.

Knowledge is power. What you do with that knowledge allows you to achieve something real for YOU.

So, why are you there? What are you achieving through discovery, through work? Are you leaving that studio with more confusion, more anxiety, more disillusionment or are you leaving that studio with more clarity, more energy, more goals to pursue, more reality?

Being in the studio is not about "feel good" for the sake of it - but rather asking, determining, discovering and in that realization, leaving with motivation and self-discovery to take through the time between visits!!!

Why are you there? What do you need to change to make that "why" stronger?

Time to assess? Re-assess? Make a change? Make a stronger choice? Make a clearer and more defined goal? Know what is achievable? Know how it is achievable?

Ask the questions...pursue the answers...

Answering "I don't know" is okay too - that's reality. Not knowing should be a momentum to finding the answer then!!!!


Discover the answer!

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