Claiming the PRODUCT of the Audition!

Claiming the PRODUCT of the Audition!
Sunday musings...

I am asked ongoing audition questions....frustrated performers and frustrated artists wondering what they can do to get noticed and find that job!

When you audition - you must discover and claim the DIFFERENCE between YOU the artist/human being and YOU the PRODUCT.

In an audition, the artist does not lead. The artist can inform the process and prepare the craft of singing/acting before walking into that audition room. Before walking into that room, the PRODUCT must take over.

Allowing yourself permission to separate and clearly define this is key to how you present in a room. You are now product. Pure and simple. You are trying to get a job. They need to see that the product you bring in is PRECISELY what they need. You need to present the product in such a way that no one is necessary.

Auditioning is not about artistry. The clearer you are about that, the easier it becomes. It is not about diversity, about journey, about spirit. It is about SELLING THE PRODUCT to be offered a job.

Simplify. Clarify. How do you get the job?

Focus not on the artistry, but on getting the job. If YOU are the product, then you must believe you are truly the ONLY product they need. This is not ego, this is not wishful thinking - this has to be a REALITY IN THE MOMENT.

If you are a top athlete that competes, you will never succeed if you stand at the blocks and say to yourself, "I don't think I'm good enough; I hope they like me; I wonder if I can do this;"

You SEE the task. You SEE the win. You FOCUS on what you need to DO from the blocks through the finish line. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS IN THAT MOMENT and NO ONE CAN PULL YOU OFF YOUR GAME.

As PRODUCT in this business, so it must be for us in that room! What am I trying to do? How do I achieve it? They don't have to like you!!!! THEY NEED TO HIRE YOU! You don't need to flirt, visit, be need to SELL THE PRODUCT!

You need to BELIEVE YOUR PRODUCT IS THE ONLY PRODUCT and walk in with that confidence. You need to KNOW what you walk in with and DELIVER IT. You need to know HOW to take the room and DO that. You need to know WHAT you are selling and SELL that. You need to focus, deliver and follow through.

This is a mission and there is nothing subtle about it!

Now, don't misunderstand - being so focused does not mean you lose your humanity and do not engage in pleasantries or the like! What you want to remember is that you need to sell what they are buying. They are looking for a product. YOU are that product or you are not.

Don't waste your time nor theirs if you are not the product they are looking for!

You must walk into that room with confidence, not arrogance. You must walk into that room KNOWING and CLAIMING your worth as PRODUCT. You must walk into that room believing your product will succeed. You must be about business, not buddies.

"I think they liked me" isn't about PRODUCT. They may like you fine - but that doesn't mean you'll be hired! Do not confuse the two!

Personal and Professional cannot be morphed in the audition room.

The audition room is about PRODUCT. The product YOU are selling and the product THEY are buying.

Your job is to win them over - and show them you are PRECISELY what they need.

Your sense of competition is NOT with the others in the holding room, but rather with YOURSELF. Can you claim your product, summon it, focus it and DELIVER it in that room without any room for doubt or query?

THAT is your goal in the audition room. Know what you are there to do, make no excuses, do not apologize, and simply DO IT.

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