The Diversity Factor

The Diversity Factor
Wednesday musings...

I am wondering why today...

So enlighten me readers if you have some insight into this...I certainly do not profess to have the answers, but I have questions, a little time on this planet, a little experience and my eyes open.

So here is my "why"...

Why are we asked to be diverse performers and yet our resumes must be catered specifically for the job at hand?

I have wondered this over time, but a colleague of mine brought it up last night wondering about the same thing and gave some examples of how she's been treated/told to create a resume that holds theatre/music theatre/opera credits.

Why would a music theatre resume be dismissed if it had opera credits on it?

Why are singers told to compartmentalize their credits in theatre?

I am just curious...

Looking at a resume cannot assume the person DOES what they say...

However, if a music theatre singer has some opera credits it would make me take a moment and say "Hmmm perhaps this person can sing".

Depending on the roles they have - they may be able to cross over and find the stylistic decisions authentically, or not. But taking the chance and assuming "singer" would probably be worthwhile!

"Trained singer" doesn't automatically assume "opera singer". EVERY SINGER WHO WANTS TO PURSUE A CAREER SHOULD BE TRAINED. WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!!!!!!!!

Why? Training allows for longevity. Training is about building an instrument, a craft, a KNOWLEDGE.

SO, why would a "singer" who has diversity be asked to leave off important credits that show one's diversity?

If the resume is created for balance - is this confusing? Why?

If an actor can have classical theatre and contemporary theatre credits as well as film/tv credits on the same resume, why would a singer have to separate music theatre from opera when it is ALL THEATRE?

Is it confusing? To whom?

Aren't the people reading the resumes supposed to have KNOWLEDGE and know what they are reading????

Ahhhhhh....perhaps this is the problem?

Where does the confusion lie?

Why is there confusion?

Why would a singer have to eliminate important credits to show their diversity and their ability? Why would this be confusing?

It IS possible for a singer to be able to do more than one genre. And it IS possible for a singer to be able to sing more styles within each genre. It is also possible for a singer to say they sing and have credits on a resume and then you find out they can't at all.

Resumes are representative of the work accomplished/in progress/in preparation.

If I have done the study, the work, the role - I want that on there to represent ME!!!

How is that confusing????

I could answer my own questions...and I can in many circumstances. It's another one of those "business" things where the emperor isn't wearing any clothes in so many cases isn't it?

Having certain credits on your resume would assume the person evaluating that resume has the ability to truly do so.....hmmm....

If theatre is theatre, then theatrical credits should be included. As our experience develops there won't be room for everything, so we have to pick and choose and create a diversity on paper that shows our experience/range/type et al.

That is common sense isn't it? Shouldn't a resume be common sense?

If the business asks for diversity wouldn't they want a resume that shows that?

Or???? Why would that be confusing???

Singers need to show they can sing...and their diversity should show that. Then of course, they need to PROVE they can by DOING.

And of course, wishing the person listening to them has the knowledge actually know what they are hearing and can evaluate it clearly. (oh - another blog entirely!!!)

So I look forward to your responses on this diversity factor and the lack of responsibility to it...because frankly, being told your theatre credits are confusing makes me squeeze my eyes shut and hold my breath.

Perhaps the confusing factor is why the person telling you that is in the business at all...
Just sayin'...

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