Suck it up Princess!

Suck it up Princess!
Friday musings...

So, how many excuses did you make this week?

And did you just take a breath to begin the excuse for the excuses????

Excuses like denial, are a form of stress management. However, they also begin to take on a life of their own and can overtake your life!

Suddenly your life is FULL of excuses and nothing more.

Excuses do not promote positive development but rather, promote standing still and sinking fast.

Why the excuses? Just STOP THAT. Excuses are a waste of energy, of time and of life.

Do what you say you do, or don't. Follow through, or do something else.

Excuses do not endear you to anybody, they isolate you. Excuses do not create a positive flow of energy, they promote a stagnant black hole.

"I can't" is the excuse for simply "I won't". So why are you there?

"But.." is lazy.

If you call yourself a singer - then SING. If you call yourself an artist, then BE ONE.

"I'm too broke" "I'm too fat", "I can't find the right teacher", "I can't find the right class", "I can't get an agent", "but I need new headshots", "but I have nothing on my resume"...


DO something about it!!! There is not "but" in our world...

What is important to you? REALLY??? Are your excuses more important than your talent and your pursuit of your craft?

If you are excuse-ridden, you will NEVER get ahead. You will wallow in the life of woulda, coulda, shoulda, stopped by YOUR excuses.

If what you want to DO is important to you, then DO IT. Release the life of excusing and step out and be who you say you are and who you want to be. Yes, it's scary; yes it's going to be risky; but YES it is REAL!!!

If you need to make excuses, then perhaps you need to be pursuing something else. Excuses hinder, insulate, isolate, and make for a very lonely and insignificant existence.

Making excuses does not make you strong. Saying "I'm scared as hell, but I HAVE TO DO THIS!" claims your reason for BEING and allows for the possibility! Excuses stop you for ANY possibility.

How can you respond to possibility and achievement if you have an excuse for everything?

SHUT UP AND DO IT! If you say you are an artist, BE ONE. Don't make excuses about why you aren't one. If you say you are a singer, or becoming one, they PURSUE THAT and DO IT!! Don't wish! Don't excuse! DO IT!!!

Take ownership of your life! Quit making excuses for it. Take responsibility for your craft and your ability! Don't blame your agent, your teacher, the business!!! Figure out what YOU NEED TO DO AND DO IT!

Excuses are immature, excuses are amateur; excuses do not protect, but actually expose you for the lack of backbone.

If you are scared - be scared! Acknowledge it and claim it! You cannot change what you do not claim! Claim your fear, claim your anxiousness, claim your disillusionment, claim your insecurities, claim your LIFE.

Once you can claim what scares you - you can change it and excuses are non-existent.

NOBODY does your life - only you do.

Figure it out. What we want is never easy. We need to work at it, and work for it.

Excuses are for sissies.

Real life is for the true artist to embrace.

Which one are you????

Suck it up princess and CLAIM IT. Get MAD!!! Don't let excuses become the way of living - it will just draw you down into the mire of mediocrity.

Live your life - FEEL it all - CLAIM it all - figure it out and FIND A WAY. Make a path for yourself and CLAIM IT FULLY.

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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