Are You Happy?

Are You Happy?
Monday musings...

Yes, those of you who know me well are laughing - happy isn't a usual "Susan" word!

So replace it!  Are you content?  Are you fulfilled?  Are you doing what you are meant to?

Even if you aren't getting jobs regularly,  are you fulfilled with your pursuit?

Are you finding a sense of fulfillment with your development and your discovery of self?

Are you content with how your life is developing?  Or are you disgusted, low, negative and wondering why?

Only YOU can create the contented life.  There are many who work regularly and are still not content.

Work does not equal a fulfilled life.

What would make you content?  Are you sure?

Finding a sense of self comes not from a job or a definition from the outside, but rather, from you.

If you are discontent, depressed, fatigued, overwhelmed, unhappy, angry - it is time to re-evaluate why you pursue what you say you are pursuing, and for whom.

Do you feel you have to prove something?  Why? To whom?

Does this make sense and is it fair?

Are your expectations larger than reality?  Why?

Often, we become so "goal-oriented"  (and that varies from person to person) that we lose sight of where we are and how we are growing, or if we are at all.  If it isn't "audition season" we don't see the point.

How sad.  This isn't artistry.  I am not sure what it is, but I see it more times than I wish to.

So many who are singularly "goal-oriented"  lose focus.  Ironic isn't it?  If I'm not getting work, why would I work at it?

This makes me sad.  I see so many in our business lost - even some who are working.

Just because you are working, doesn't promise contentment either.

What makes you feel good?  What gives you energy?  What motivates you?  What makes you smile or even makes you energy change for the positive?

No answer is stupid or dumb.  If we call ourselves artists or performers, we need to find energy, contentment, rejuvenation, fulfillment,  progress!!!  We cannot get stuck in the mire of a goal-oriented repeat!!!  What happens when you reach that goal, if you haven't enjoyed and learned and grown along the way?  The goal becomes a fatigue too.

Where's the pressure coming from?


What demands are there?

So why pursue a career in this business????

If you refuse (because it IS a choice) to claim your journey and refuse to find fulfillment,  why would you want to perform?  Isn't that just a job again?

We need to start asking those hard questions of simply WHY we are where we are.

I am amazed at the often narrow-minded and single-minded goal-oriented mindset - that is lacking artistry, possibility or LIFE!!!!  Only preparing the bare-minimum.  Only working on the craft to get a job - and then wondering why they didn't get one.

Learning 16 bar cuts, taking lessons to get a job, finding your 5 arias and jumping the hoops - this is not artistry.  This is discovering a life in the business of show.  This is not being a performer.

True performers LOVE to perform.  True artists LOVE to create.

The fulfillment comes in the DISCOVERY and the DEVELOPMENT of PASSION.

Goal-orientation in and of itself is not a negative thing - if it is filled with PASSION and IMAGINATION and EXCITEMENT!!!

Are you passionate about ANYTHING?  Or are you scared to be?  Why?

If you are not passionate about SOMETHING,  it is very difficult to discover fulfillment in any way.

Passion fuels movement as an artist and as a performer.  Passion fuels desire.  Desire gives energy.  Energy motivates.

Do you have any of these things?  Have you lost them or left them somewhere?  Have you forgotten why you are where you are?  Are you lost?  Or are you simply in the wrong place?

If you decide music/acting/performing/dancing et al doesn't excite you, if you are not passionate about it, if the pursuit and the DOING does nothing for you - may I suggest it's time to discover something that DOES!

If you aren't probably isn't the journey for you.

Your goal is to find your PASSION.  Then and only then, can you truly be fulfilled.  Is that happy? Well, that's up to you!

If you can't laugh every day -  it's time to find a way to do that.

If you've simply misplaced your passion, it's time to find it and claim it again and not let go!!!

Passion and fulfilled passion isn't about the job.  It's the journey to the job, around the job, in spite of the job (!!), and past the job!  It's the discovery of YOU and what you are capable of doing - and creating - and developing - and what you are willing to do to keep the passion alive at all times.

Even when you are angry, or frustrated - is it fueled by passion??? Or is it fueled by negativity?  Passion keeps you going; Negativity burns you out.

So, my question now changes:  It's more "Susan" anyway...

Are you Passionate?  Or are you just Pretending?

Only you can truly answer that...

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