a little advertising...

a little advertising...
A blog is coming...promise!!!

In the meantime,  I wanted to advertise a little...

My studio in NYC is located within another business - TRUE VOICE NYC

I have been able to get to know Tiffany, Claudia and Michael who jointly own and run this voice studio/recording studio and I cannot recommend them enough!

They offer private voice and group classes from songwriting to sight singing for singers to summer camps for teens and tweens!

If you are looking for more commercial singing for all ages and theatre singing for tweens/teens - you may want to check this out!!!

They work with seasoned professionals,  aspiring professionals, emerging professionals and semi-professionals and amateur singers, as well as children and teenagers!

This isn't JUST (!) a voice studio - but also a recording studio!!!

Have you considered a demo?  From theatre to pop to another genres?  TRUE VOICE NYC can hook you up - all in house!!!  The recording, the mixing, the editing - all done on site!!

Their fees are beyond reasonable and the service you get is peerless!!!!

Contact Tiffany at True Voice to get more information!

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