Professional Relationships Part 2: The Unmanaged Singer

Professional Relationships Part 2: The Unmanaged Singer
Wednesday musings on these professional relationships...

Are you an "unmanaged" singer/actor/dancer/artist?

I don't believe in that term.

If your career isn't represented by an agent,  then guess who your agent is?


You are self-managed.  Claim it.  Don't make excuses for it.

THIS is a relationship too.   Take on that responsibility as seriously as you would a relationship with another person.

Can you self submit?  Of course you can!

Why are we so hesitant to be the BUSINESS partner of our artistic side?

If you aren't represented then YOU have to do it.  If you make excuses,  whine,  then you certainly aren't ready to find an agent anyway.

If YOU are your agent, then you work in a slightly different way.  You must work as agent EVERY DAY for yourself.  Submit,  make requests,  don't back down!   What's the worst thing that can happen?  You are told no.

Pick up the phone,  use the email and that Internet and begin figuring it out!!  Start creating yourself as SELF AGENT and don't apologize for it.

If an outside agent calls a casting company and begins apologizing, their clients won't be seen.

If YOU as self-agent call and apologize, you won't get seen.

However, if you create the business persona precisely in the fashion that the business wants to be addressed by,  watch out and see if you don't get an audition, or at least are encouraged to submit.

Yes, there are hoops.  There are always hoops.  Ask what you need to do to jump them.

You are an artist - get creative!

Why sit there and complain, when you have the power to create a positive difference in your life with yourself?

SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT.  Start thinking what the business needs from you as a business person.  Recognize the business speak and USE it.

CALL CALL CALL.  EMAIL EMAIL EMAIL.  Don't make excuses, don't belabour the point of self-management,  get to the point!  What is the point?


Then get it.

Do your research.  Find a way to network so people in the business KNOW your name.

The only person who can do this is YOU.

Even if you had an outside agent, you would still be following up, getting clarity, finding out what submissions are coming up and what you'd be good for,  letting them know of projects you would like to be submitted for.

So now, it's up to you.

Take on the challenge of this relationship with self.  Don't let your client down!

This business is about NETWORKING.  Figure it out.  Who can you get to know?  Who can you get to know about?

Nobody is going to come to you - you have to go out and find it and get it.

Is it easy?  Is ANYTHING worthwhile easy?

If you are an artist who wants to be in this business,  then create a business relationship with yourself and get out there!

Represent yourself.  Promote yourself.  Do it unapologetically, and with a plan.

How do new agents develop relationships in the business?  They have to start somewhere too.

If they can, so can you.

Don't apologize for being self-managed.  Lead with the strength of representing your own career.

Find out where that will take you when you introduce yourself simply as

"Good afternoon, my name is so-and-so and currently I have self-representation.  I see you are casting for blah blah and I believe I have something to contribute to that production.  Would you be willing to consider me for an audition?"

Some of you might say "oh Susan I can't do that!"

My answer - is it easier to ask "would you like fries with that?"  YES YOU CAN!


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