What to wear for that Music Theatre Audition?

What to wear for that Music Theatre Audition?

Yesterday's blog was full of  ideas that I hope you can incorporate!

Music Theatre auditions are different than opera/classical.

Yes, you are at a job interview.

However, they can be less "formal" and should show your body and your type.

They can "evoke" a character without becoming a costume.

Music Theatre auditions are NOT pageant tryouts.

When you are auditioning for a specific show/genre,  then evoke that.  They want to SEE that when you walk in, but they want to RECOGNIZE your type by how you present yourself.

Some basics...

Make sure the clothes fit. Seriously.

Make sure they are clean and pressed.  Seriously.  Or at least don't look like you slept in them.

Look like you want to be there because trust me - there are MANY in the hall after you who would KILL you gladly to have a chance.

Find a "classic YOU"  and claim it and give yourself some variables into it - this will give you a starting off point in order to create type as well.

Know your body.  CLAIM IT.  What are the parts of you that you love?  And what are the features of you that are wonderful?  WORK IT!

Some of the same things apply from the last blog - makeup please girls.  Some guys use a little, do it if you want!  Bring out the best features.  This is "interview" makeup though - not stage makeup.  Know the difference!

SHOES - no flip flops, or socks and birkenstocks (!),  or torn up shoes.  please.  Footwear is sooooo important.  Heels are important ladies - even if it is a kitten heel.  Flats make many CDs mad and frankly make your legs look flat and dumpy.

If you wear heels, learn how to walk in them.  You have to get into that room, to the table, to the piano, sing and get out of that room.  Know how to do it.

As many of you know,  I am a footwear person (!! understatement huh??!!)  and often,  you have great fun with footwear.  Find shoes, boots and the like that really spice up your look,  add to your type and create interest.  If a CD makes a comment about your great shoes, trust me, they will remember you!!

Hair - brush it! DO it.  Get it out of your face.  It's an audition, not a prom.  Make sure it represents YOU without it being evening hair!

Music Theatre auditions don't have to be as "formal".  Often a type is edgier, so jeans can be appropriate - or even leggings are okay.  Make sure it suits your body type and your character type.  And it also helps that you know what show you are auditioning for!

If it's Oklahoma,  Crazy for You and Carousel,  the guys could wear great jeans and boots.  The girls, not so much.

If it's Rent,  Wild Party, and Hair and girls you show up in a sundress - it might not read as edgy, yknow?

So,  PLAN YOUR OUTFIT!   Just like you plan your 16 bar cut know the package you will present it in!  Use a little flair to an outfit to give that "type" a dash of YOU.

A pulled-together actor shows he/she is ready to take something on.  It shows he/she takes his/her work seriously and knows HOW to work.

So here are a few "types" and variations that might give you ideas...

The "classic ingenue" - more contemporary:

Ingenue - more classic:

Ingenue with a bit more edge:

Got the idea?  These are dresses, and you could certainly go with leggings, or jeans even if the fabrics and cuts evoke ingenue - and the footwear and hair and makeup do the same!

If you want an edgier look - or more dressed "down" look maybe something contemporary like these suits you more:

these looks evoke a different type don't they?  More contemporary,  a little more edge...

Leading ladies - younger or more sophisticated can bring in another look and evoke something else...

the femme fatale can get sexier and edgier...in a dress, leggings, jeans, even a suit...fabric and cut make all the difference - AND the shoes!

And on and on....

MANY types and ideas within each type...

depending on the show, the season, your body, your comfort zone, your best features!

ENJOY it, don't dread it!  You are in the theatre after all - your character type should be fun to express and something you put time and thought into to allow that type to emerge through you!

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