Entitlement doesn't get you work!

Entitlement doesn't get you work!
Friday musings...

The entitlement factor is alive and well.

Just cause you want it, doesn't mean you've EARNED it.

The business doesn't care if you THINK you should work, or THINK you shouldn't study, or THINK you should be offered something.

The attitude of "I am therefore I should have" doesn't fly.

If you are going to pursue professionalism,  you need to recognize what is needed FROM YOU.

How to build craft,  who to go to to develop that vocabulary,  what it's going to take, and who you stand in front of.

The entitled attitude expects from everybody else but themselves.  They expect that everything will be handed to them on a silver platter and nothing has to be worked for.

The real world simply doesn't work that way.  No matter how talented you are or THINK you are;  no matter how special you are or THINK you are.

There are MANY outstanding emerging artists and developing artists, and frankly fully realized artists that still don't get a chance to work.  They are more professional than the next and even with craft, smarts, talent and will power - they still may not work.  They aren't looking for a handout;  they don't EXPECT.  THEY WORK FOR IT.

Real artists are not afraid of work.  They get tired of chicken shit - from the business, and from the entitled who expect more from everybody else than they have to actually offer.

If you want to be an artist in this business,  you cannot live in an entitlement dream world.  You must realize what is going on, and what it's going to take to even have a shot!  And even then, there are no guarantees.

However, if you EXPECT things without working for them,  then you are truly in the wrong place.

Just because you want to study with a specific teacher, doesn't mean that teacher will have time for you.  If you want to be seen at that audition, just cause you want it, doesn't make it happen.
Getting an agent, just because you think you should have one, doesn't always work in your favor.
Just because you are Equity doesn't make you better, more talented, or further ahead than someone non-union.

Art in the business is HARD.  It demands dedication of mind, body and spirit.  It demands a level of intensity, a level of intelligence and a level of commitment that cannot be compromised.

Thinking your talent is enough is a lack of awareness,  naivete and more...

Talent is NOTHING if it isn't realized.  Realizing it means WORK.  Work means study.  Study means commitment - for the LONG HAUL.  Taking a couple of voice lessons doesn't mean you can sing, nor does it mean you are a singer.

Taking a quick dance class to learn a Broadway combination to get a callback doesn't allow you the right to say you are dancer - let alone a triple threat!!

"I got that" about your acting skills, your dance skills or your voice skills shows how truly amateur you are.

True professionals talk about what they continue to strive for.  They do not expect a handout;  they do not expect a favour;  they do not expect anything but commitment and dedication from themselves.

True professionals know who they stand in front of.  They know if they ask for help, guidance, professional study they must be willing to compromise their time to engage that teacher, that class, that workshop.  If they consult with another professional that is in a position to give them instruction to take their craft to another level of consciousness, they DEMAND FROM THEMSELVES in order to get everything out of that session.

Professionals practice what they preach.  Literally.  If they call themselves singers - they practice daily.  If they call themselves dancers - they dance.  If they call themselves actors - they act.  It is never done.  The more they do, the longer they do it, the more they learn and develop craft, skill and artistic awareness.

A true professional never feels entitled.  They can feel lucky - being in the right place at the right time - and they know they work hard and have help along the way.

Professionals don't whine.  They don't assume.  THEY DELIVER.

Entitled behavior is childish and amateur.  It is narcissistic and self-obsessed with nothing of value to back it up.  The talent might be there, but the truth of its development does not exist.

True professional behavior is mature and self-possessed.  It is aware,  curious, striving and developed or in development.  It is relentless in its search and discovery.

Feeling entitled doesn't make it so and won't offer you a place in the business.  Whine all you want.

Developing craft, artistry and integrity will create a professionalism that has a CHANCE to work.

The business doesn't care who you think you are.  The business wants to see what you are prepared to DO.

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