It Ain't about TRICKS baby...

It Ain't about TRICKS baby...
As a singer we want magic to happen...

but tricks, magic and slight of hand doesn't make the voice develop or allow you to sing!

Singing is about CRAFT.  It is about DEDICATION.  It is about WORK, HONESTY,  REALITY.

Just like any discipline or athleticism - there are no tricks.  Dancing isn't a trick; Acting isn't a trick; playing professional basketball isn't a trick; playing the violin isn't a trick!

Magic happens when you are committed to the building of your instrument,  committed to the developing of your craft,  committed to the ART of what you say you do or want to do.

True technical athleticism - in ANY field - is being able to summon it at will!

Singing isn't about denial,  would-a, could-a, should-a, or "I wanna" - singing is about DOING, and CLAIMING IT.

If you want to sing - you pursue it honestly.

You get ONE instrument.  Are you going to ignore it or are you going to face it for what it is?  Are you going to be honest with what it can do and what the possibilities are?  Are you going to be honest with what you have to do to find those possibilities?

Singing is an athletic development.  This is just the beginning.  The physicality of the athleticism needs to be developed in order to take on the physical, musical, dramatic and psychological requirements that being a singer DEMANDS.  This is not about slight of hand, or quick fix, or a trick.  This is about dedication,  work ethic,  drive,  focus and relentless passion.

I believe anybody can learn the physicality of the singing instrument.  HOW that physical athleticism manifests itself in a particular body depends on the physicality of that instrument.  Some instruments will never be singers, but can learn the basic technical attributes.  Some instruments have the potential to be singers, but if there is a physical pathology standing in the way,  it may not happen, if the reality is not dealt with.  If there is damage, if there is a desire to sing in genres/styles that the physicality cannot sustain,  then another reality must be acknowledged.  Are you willing to arrive there?

Some instruments can learn what belt technique is - but will never be a belter:  may just not have the physical instrument that can sustain the physical and athletic demands on the instrument to support that technical prowess.

Some instruments can learn operatic technique but will never be an opera singer.

Are we willing to accept the reality of our instrument and then accept the RESPONSIBILITY to develop it correctly, healthily, with a realistic outlook in what can be achieved - or are we simply going to hope for a magical trick that allows us to live in denial or a dream-world?

Reality and responsibility responds to a work ethic that recognizes the voice for what it is:  a physical athletic instrument that needs time, nurturing,  and daily work.

Denial and dream-world tricks belong somewhere else - but definitely not in a voice studio!

There is nothing "instant" about singing if you are truly wanting to pursue it for its longevity.

Tricks and slight of hand belong in a momentary illusionary world.  Voice is neither illusion, nor delusion.

If you want to sing - truly WANT to - then perhaps ask yourself why.  Why do you want to sing?

Are you willing to commit to the development of your instrument?
Are you willing to hear the truth about your instrument?
Are you willing to trust someone with the development of your instrument and take the time to seek that out?
Are you willing to follow through with the development of that instrument?
Are you willing to commit to the truth of that instrument and find out what it can do honestly and truthfully?

If you aren't - then you really don't want to sing.  Not really.

As artists, we need the capacity to be honest, to discover honesty, and to see it clearly.  This isn't easy!!  There is no trick to being an artist either.  Honesty means things aren't always beautiful.  Honesty means we sometimes need to get our hands dirty.  Honesty means we sometimes get scared.

If we aren't ready to get real, then everything is a trick.

No tricks in craft.  Only a big breath, and a willingness to get to WORK.  REALLY.

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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