Some little secrets!

Some little secrets!
happy Hallowe'en!

It is remarkable that the "secrets" I have to share with you seem to be (and should be) absolutely no-brainers...but sadly,  they aren't done with regularity.

If you follow these,  you are actually ahead of about 75% of the pack pursuing careers...(and don't get me started on THAT!)

What do you need to do to simply create a positive reputation for yourself and begin to be seen in a positive light?


What is this?  If you enquire about an audition or a class or a lesson time - FOLLOW UP.  Either book that time and confirm it, and SHOW UP,  or let the company/teacher know with plenty of time that you are unable to attend said audition or said lesson/coaching.  Our business is small.  If you create a reputation for yourself that you are a no-show,  you've basically created your path.  If you think this isn't remembered, you are HIGHLY mistaken.

Make it your business (and respect of the person's time you are asking of) to find out what the cancellation policy is/how to contact the company/teacher et al and if you need to cancel, change or withdraw - DO IT IN PLENTY OF TIME!!  Do not expect a second chance.  Why?

When you DO have a consultation,  an audition,  participate in a masterclass or workshop - FOLLOW UP with a thank you.  It can be short and sweet but it is IMPORTANT.  Critical decisions are made by how you present yourself and are perceived.  When you have some control over that, TAKE IT and use it wisely.

PAY ATTENTION to how people in "authority" wish to be addressed - how formal or informal, and follow through with that in mind!

I do not expect, for instance, to be called Ms. Eichhorn-Young!  But if you are following up from a consultation or an audition or workshop - I am not Sue nor Suse nor anything that familiar if I don't know you well!!  If I sign my emails "best, Susan" then address me thus.  PAY ATTENTION!

THE FOLLOW UP IS CRUCIAL!!!!!  We remember who does - and who doesn't and HOW it is done.

Emails are fine and in this day and age, probably the easiest form of communication.  Phone calls can often be ignored due to the busy nature of the day.  An email can be saved and responded to at any point.

2.  BE ON TIME!!!

Seriously?! yes, seriously.  Be where you are supposed to be, ready to work with your materials in hand and get there EARLY.  Plan for early because there may be travel glitches (and often are).  If you arrive early,  it will be noted and appreciated.  If they can't see you early it gives you time to settle in and focus on the task at hand.  Do not come running in, breathless and interrupt a session and waste EVERYBODY'S time.


Are you kidding me?! have your material organized and LEARNED!  Much can be taken about the so-called actor/dancer/singer by how organized they are in the room and how they present their material and selves physically.


I mean, LEAVE IT.  I don't want to see aggressive, defiant attitude, nor do I want "jazz hands" phony attitude.  DROP IT.  Don't try to impress me, antagonize me, or piss me off.  Just DO THE WORK.  If you are there to learn, then drop it and LEARN.  If you are there to audition, just do the work.


This does NOTHING to improve your position.  Know why you are there, and be there to do it.  What are you apologizing for?  Why are you making excuses?  You are either ready to do what you are there to do or you are not.  If you are not - sit down.  If you are - then do it.

If you are not late, know your stuff, are prepared to learn and open to the process there is nothing to excuse or apologize for is there?

These seem so basic, but sadly, I see less and less of it.

So if you actually take the time to integrate these little "secrets" into your day to day, perhaps some things will change in your pursuits!  If nothing else, you will begin to create a professionalism in your behavior that can be taken seriously and given a second look.

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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