Is it me or is it the room?

Is it me or is it the room?
Saturday musings...

And the answer in a nutshell?  uhm, it's YOU.

YOU are the primary acoustic.  Either the room enhances it, or simply doesn't.

A 'singer' said to me during a session this week "do other singers tell you it's impossible to belt in your studio?  It just doesn't let me belt!"

I smiled, and said "No.  perhaps it's because the room is so balanced acoustically it reveals pushing.  Perhaps you need to really know if you are belting or pushing.  All my belters belt just fine in here."

That's right - blame the room.

Learning to sing,  among many things,  DEMANDS you create an internal acoustic and recognize what that means.

Acoustic has sensation,  and the singer must learn to know what they are hearing,  how they are hearing, what they are feeling and how the sensation of sound and vibration and breath affects the body and therefore the room.

We cannot listen outside our bodies while in process!!! (thus the recording device is KEY while developing and studying to find another "outside set of ears"!)

How often have you had the recorder on and thought it didn't "sound" right - to rewind and listen and change your mind????

The room you sing in either enhances your voice or doesn't.  The ignition of acoustic and therefore RESONANCE develops with you and IN you.

Developing a voice requires muscular balance for resonance and clarity and intensity and projection.  Vibration,  vowel position,  resonance, breath and muscular balance have to work at such intrinsic intensity in order for the "voice" to sing!!


Power doesn't come from PUSH.

Power comes from ignited intensity that is INTERNAL.  

Your internal source of voice and balance requires careful work and time and patience.

As a teacher,  I will create a space - literally and figuratively that allows you the possibility to explore that internal and muscular balance of YOU - your body and your muscles and your sound and your resonance.

If you choose to invest in the excuses and not the work,  that is your choice!

If you blow it in the room - it's yours and it wasn't the room!

If you nail it in the room - it wasn't the room and IT IS YOURS!

Learn to listen with your body;  learn to experience your sound and your breath;  learn what you are hearing and why;

Learn to trust what your body can do to create the acoustic of your voice.  If your body and your voice are developing a truth in development,  the room is irrelevant and the excuses simply don't exist.

It all comes back to YOU.

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