Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
Saturday musings...

Well, it is spring - so they tell me...

As we move through the seasons, spring brings a sense of renewal,  or shedding extra stuff...

This is great time of year to discover and re-discover YOU as an artist,  how you are feeding yourself, what  you need to purge and clear, how to renew things, and discover MORE!

What do you need to do to clear space to allow your artistry more room to grow, to flourish?  

So many things you can access.  As someone who tends have her plate more than a little full (yes, laugh you who know!) I am constantly learning how to clear and rediscover; to simplify;  to breathe; to see;  to not over-subscribe to my life!!! One copy is plenty and how often do we (do I!!) pile on?!
Spring is often a time I re-assess what I NEED.  Often,  what is required simply allows for the dismissal of what I no longer require on my plate. 

What we do and who we are as artists, and as artists in the business is often complex and dense.  It can often become heavy and weighted.  Using spring as a literal "refresher" can help to create space ON the plate and around us.

What would renew you?  Perhaps a revamp and purging of your audition book - be it music theatre or opera. Is it time to find out what your voice does in that new repertoire?

Perhaps a session with a new coach to get a fresh perspective on how you are seen or what you are working on.  

Perhaps investing in a a class or two you haven't discovered yet!  

Maybe it's a class to do with the business or the craft or maybe it's a class that has NOTHING do to with business, but rather, something that gives you JOY!  I have many clients who have taken salsa dancing, pole dancing or burlesque classes;  some have taken workshops on the goddess within;  

Daring to explore the SPIRIT of self gives a weightlessness to the process again.  

Perhaps it's making a true commitment to the training of your craft,  instead of dabbling and hoping for the best.  

Making a true commitment to the self and what the artistic self is capable of, is never realized until the commitment reveals itself.  Wanting to, and DOING IT are not the same.  True commitment is never half way, kinda or sorta.  It is, or it is not.
Spring cleaning reveals what is actually there;  when you know what is there,  you can decide what NEEDS to be there.  The rest is simply taking up space and limiting you.  

Don't make excuses.  Simply commitment to the process of renewing, of re-discovering, of clearing and purging,  and the excuses have nowhere to live.

You do not need to re-invent the wheel - simply choose to see where you are.  See what you have, see what you need, and trust what you have.  Build on those realities.  Discover what takes you further into your craft, your artistry and your human-ness.  Allow for mistakes.  Dare to make them, as they tend not to be mistakes, but rather an acknowledgement to see another direction!

A renewal of commitment to your craft, artistry and your pursuit of being in the business begins with acknowledgement of the truth of where you are.  Dare to be there.

As we renew the commitment to where we ARE,  what we have and what we need, the panic often releases.  New choices are possible.  Challenges become exciting and not a chore.  Possibilities exist.
What we do with those possibilities is up to us;  and our ability to see ourselves honestly.  This is the TRUE spring cleaning!

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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