Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Are You Asking the Right Questions?
It's a big question...and no pat answer.

One of the the questions TO the questions I have been asked lately by singers is simply "why?"  They are simply not asking the right questions.

What are the questions to ask?

They simply need to be relevant to where you are.

Do you know where that is?  Ah, that might be the right question to ask first.

Where are you - literally.  Where are you - figuratively.

Are you willing to be honest and truthful about it?  Truth is okay you know.  It DOES help you figure out what is important, what is necessary and what is simply not useful.

Are you asking the right question if you ask who you should be auditioning for if you don't have your 5 arias ready in your fach to perform in your sleep?

I am guessing - wrong question.  If you don't know your repertoire, haven't figured out your voice enough to lock into your audition package,  then, the question might be simply: When will I be ready to audition?  Or, what do I need to do to find out what fach I need to represent?  Or, how long will it take me to have my arias audition ready?

Too many singers want cart before horse.  It doesn't happen like that.

We need to see ourselves where we ARE, not where we would like to be, where we think we should be, or where someone else puts us.  If we refuse to see, to acknowledge we COULD see, we set ourselves up for a delusion that runs deep!

If you don't know what the right questions are, then THAT is the first question:  what ARE the right questions to ask right now?

Be prepared.  The answers might not be what you thought.  They will certainly illuminate the truth for you - whether you are ready for them or not.

I cannot give you a path of questions - because everybody's path is unique, and the set of questions is unique.  Start simply.  Allow the answer to take you to the next question.  Do not try to run if you aren't sitting up yet. 

This is not an easy process.  It shines a light on the corners that we often don't want to acknowledge, let alone claim.  But if you are willing to claim what excites you, then you must claim what makes you uncomfortable.

Asking the right questions is not all flowers and fabulous shoes!!!  It is about getting dirt under your nails, and sometimes tear-stained cheeks and skinned knees.

If you are not asking the right questions, at some point someone in your camp is going to tell you that and begin answering you directly.  If you aren't prepared for it, it may be like having cold water thrown at you and it will take your breath away.  If you are willing to explore it more fully yourself, and then ask questions that are truly appropriate OF those people who support you - teach you, coach you, mentor you - you will be prepared for truth, simply because you knew how to ask for it.

What you DO with that truth is your business.  Yet another question.

Ultimately the questions and the answers are up to you.  You will either get it, or not.  It is yours to claim.  It is no one else's responsibility but yours.  No, it's not easy.  No, it's not clean.  No, it doesn't always feel good.  Welcome to life.

Figure it out, or someone will hand it to you, whether you are ready or not.

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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