Post Tony Awards

Post Tony Awards
Monday musings...
I keep a running commentary on my facebook status during awards shows.  Some of my friends sweetly refer to it as "The Susan Channel".  Last night was no exception.  However, I had the mute handy as in other years, I have used it more than once, and often gone to another room when it just got too much for me!

This is not a review.  However, it was one of the best Tonys I have seen in a very long time.  The production values were excellent and well shaped - a solid opening number and fabulous closing number (read Lin-Manuel Miranda's rap delivered by the fabulous Neil Patrick Harris in transcript here:

They buried the crap in the middle (yes, a horrid duet from Spiderman which proves that $80 million buys nothing).

Some amazing acceptance speeches, some moving ones,  some self-indulgent ones.  Some great production numbers.  A show completely shut out (Scottsboro Boys).   A new home, in The Beacon Theater,  which I think is a perfect match.

The orchestrations for the evening were incredible, the orchestra was incredible!  And no auto-tune or lipsynch. 

So why write a blog if it's not going to be a review?

This is more of a reminder of what we pursue in the name of craft and art.  A simple reminder true craft takes TIME.  The first category last night was for Featured Actress in a Play.  All the nominees were first time Tony nominees and all have been working on their craft for a long time.  There were no 20somethings, or even 30somethings....

True craft needs life.  Pure and simple.  Life takes time to live.  To live your craft means to study it, to absorb it,  to sit with it and let it wash over you and through you and affect you. 

Graduating from a theatre program does not make you ready.  It is only the beginning of a life-long process that YOU put in motion.  Waking up and deciding you want to perform does not make you ready.

If you say you are a singer, then sing.  If you say you are a dancer, then dance.  If you say you are an actor, act.  Don't get caught up in the scams, the hustlers, the conartists, but seek out the guidance and the knowledge that allows you to DO what you say you ARE.

Craft and discipline means daily observation.  It means commitment.  It means focus.  It means paying attention to the red flags that are trying to pull focus and putting them in their place.  It means putting the excuses of why you are NOT doing, away. 

Real craft and artistry allows for longevity.  Talent is not craft.  Talent is just a beginning.  A fully formed artist doesn't happen at 21 or 23 or 25 - or maybe never.  However, more fully formed artists happen when the craft has time to gestate, develop and gain life.

So,  get thee to your voice lessons, your coaches, your dance classes, your acting classes.  Read, listen to music, and live your lives.  Laugh, fall in love, get angry,  cry.  Breathe your life, embrace it and pursue your craft fully as you develop from a talent to an artist.

If you call yourself a singer or dancer or actor - then simply DO it. 

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