What is Priority?

What is Priority?
Sunday musings as I wait for the coffee to perk...

Often we can go into a downward spiral of overwhelming crisis when the priorities get confused and it seems there is too much to do.

This can happen in life as I have experienced many times and again now as I learn patience to heal.

This can also happen in our quest for artistry and a career.

Ironically it is the mental and emotional spiral that pulls us off our game. If you are strong enough to follow the spiral you are strong enough to stop it and sit down and reevaluate where you are and what you are doing.

Priorities change every day. We have many of them. Write them down. Let us look at this from an artistic and career perspective. Don't be afraid to make lists! What is priority with the building of your instrument? What is priority with feeding your artistry? What is priority for building your career? These lists might be lengthy or short- it doesn't matter! it is yours!

There are only 24 hours in a day. Surprise!! Remember you cannot get it all done in a day. Each day one of those priorities simply takes the top spot. YOU decide. If the instrument needs repair, I might suggest that is going to be an ongoing priority but you will figure that out! An instrument that still needs careful building or reworking will not be out auditioning right away! The artistic side of you might be a priority to be fed in other ways while the priority of building the voice is being done.

Simplify. What do you NEED to do each day? What is extra? If the priorities make you anxious, exhausted or confused, then you simply have too much for that day. If the priorities make you determined and focused and strong then you have just enough to fill that day!

There are no rules. There is simply the rule of you: what do you need today and how do you claim it?

One step at a time. Focus on each step. And when you get tired you sit down!

Didn't get through the list today? Guess what? There will be tomorrow. Priorities are like that. They can have some fluidity. Let the fluid ones stay that way. Let the set ones have your focus. You will see then that your focus doesn't split and cause anxiety.

Each day needs a little joy. Find out what that is for you! Embrace it. That has to be part of the priority too.

Ultimately the artistry and the building of a career has a chance to grow if we simply make time for ourselves. Those few moments to breathe and center and calm wherever and however that makes sense to you.

YOU are priority. The rest is fluid. The lists will shift and change day to day. This will give you permission to be where you are and explore the space you actually have around you rather than feel like you are suffocating.

Physician heal thyself! I am learning too!

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