What is your definition of success?

What is your definition of success?
Sunday musings on my "jammie day"!

Lead a Music Theatre Audition Process class yesterday in NYC.  First - what an amazing group of talented souls!  It energized me and gave me hope for our business.

I began thinking about "success" and what it means as I drove home.  The many definitions of success.

What does "being successful" mean to you as a singer, as a performer, as an artist?

Often we look to outside markers to determine our success.  I encourage you to begin to create your OWN markers.  Your internal decision of how you measure YOUR success is no one's but yours.  Measuring up to/comparing to is going to automatically dismiss you - we simply cannot be compared with someone else's path.

Each path is unique;  each artist/singer/performer is unique;  thus, each definition of success has to be unique and purely personal.

Perhaps this is what we get afraid of.  That personal responsibility and dedication to our own individual and unique definition of success.  You simply cannot make excuses for it, or for the lack of it.  You cannot compare it,  you cannot quantify it.

In class yesterday,  one of the things I felt was necessary to talk about is about PROCESS and PRESENCE.  How AWARE are you in your moment?  Aware of being, doing, deciding, responding, sensing- all those things that keep you present and in the moment of what you are actually EXPERIENCING in the NOW! 

There is great success from the work of NOW - whether it be an audition,  building craft,  embracing artistry,  being YOU.

Perhaps something I am beginning to realize is that the differences between 'success' being far off into the future, esoteric and exhausting and the 'success' of being in the moment, and aware of the process as one walks, runs, skips and rests doing it.

Your success is what you discover, what you embrace,  what you discard,  what you walk toward and what you walk away from.  Your success, ultimately, is about your DECISION.  It is ACTION,  it is NOW, it is REAL.

And true success simply relies on YOU to make a decision.  The decision doesn't make YOU.

Saying "One day I will be successful" almost sets you up for failure!  What are you doing NOW?  Waiting for what?!  Success is in the NOW. Why?  cause that's all we have. 

Perhaps instead of searching for success,  we have to begin defining it and allowing success to FOLLOW us.

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