Follow your dream - not your delusion!

Follow your dream - not your delusion!
Saturday musings...

Ah the is that pure, uncluttered something that makes you smile....and somewhere along the line, it can get warped and twisted and become a delusion if we aren't paying attention.  Or simply, life gets in the way and the dream is replaced by something else.

How can you tell the difference?

Perhaps the first question is:  what is your dream?  And what happens WHEN you follow your dream?  There are basically two paths to take: truth, or delusion.

Dream does not automatically create reality.  It is a starting point.  It is a reminder of what you treasure. The dream will change course as the reality of discovery uncovers what needs to be DONE to achieve,  re-organize,  re-work said dream.

If we are not willing or not able to allow the dream to morph with our reality,  it becomes a delusion.  It is held onto in spite of reality.  It begins to show over-ego,  excuses,  and a self-obsessiveness that doesn't reflect the world we all must inhabit!

The more excuses we create,  the more delusional we become.  Yes it protection,  but not in a healthy way. 

The delusion weaves itself around and through the initial dream that we lose sight of where we are, where we've come from, and where we thought we were going.  It is everybody else's fault;  it is deflective and not reflective.  It is excuse after excuse.  It is ego-driven and not spirit-driven. 

It is easy to lose sight of what we are pursuing;  it is also easy to become obsessed with what we are pursuing and thus, the dream becomes infected and lost.

Often,  we play games with ourselves when a reality happens:  the dream we THOUGHT we were following or wanted to follow suddenly exposes something else:  another truth; another reality;  Perhaps it exposes that the dream we THOUGHT we wanted isn't really what we NEED.  Or what we WANT anymore.

And my response is: So?  YOUR truth is yours if you choose to claim it.  Your dream can dare to change and you have to responsibility to claim that change and grow with it.

Dreams change depending on the reality that feeds it.  Dreams have to have flexibility in order to morph and flex with the dreamer. 

Delusion however, has no room to shift, morph or flex.  It MUST remain inflexible in order to keep the illusion of order.  Its inflexibility and inability to change creates a shell that is often impossible to break.  A form of protection perhaps,  that sadly becomes a pseudo-reality that does not allow for growth, development or freedom.

As artists, we have the capacity for self-doubt.  We MUST question - and that includes ourselves.  If we stop questioning ourselves,  delusion begins to ooze in.  It is hard to question,  it is hard to look into that mirror and ask what you are seeing,  but it is SO crucial for the reality of the dream! 

Dreams must begin somewhere - but they will often end somewhere else.  This is the nature of dreaming.  If we allow it to take us where it must,  we stay open to the POSSIBILITY of something we hadn't seen, or thought of,  or were ready to discover yet.

So often, I hear singers say "why didn't I know that?"  or "Why didn't I see that before?"
The answer could simply be "because you weren't ready til now.  NOW is where you find what you NEED."

This is the reality of the dream.  The delusion will not allow you to even ask that question, let alone hear the answer, or acknowledge the possibility.

Allow your dreams to become reality - by simply letting your NOW be present; by recognizing what you dream  being a reflection of what you can DO;  and allowing the dream to remain fluid and change direction if need be,  to access the possibility.

If you resist,  and refuse that direction and possibility - delusion will gladly take over.  And delusion is simply harder to deconstruct.  It hardens deeply and quickly.  It takes more effort to chip at it and often forever to make a dent.

Again,  the decision is yours.  Each of us begins with a dream.  Big or small. How we infuse reality into that dream is up to us.  Or how we excuse it and allow delusion to take over, is also up to us.

Either way - it is work.  Work you choose.  Or not.  Dreams infused with reality give much support.  Delusion leaves one very much alone.  Nobody's fault.  That's the reality.

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