A Year in the Life...

A Year in the Life...
Greetings all! 

Today marks a one year anniversary for my husband and me.  June 20, 2011 we were a near fatal horrific car accident.  We celebrate today a year of recovery.  We still have a long way to go, but we are on our way.

I wanted to blog today - and wondered how this year of my life could benefit you in some way.  What have I learned that I could offer you?

My life is forever changed.  Trauma does that.  I am establishing a new normal,  on every level of consciousness.  What have I learned that could translate to pursuit of singing/acting?  of life on the stage?

We are not islands.  We do have people who truly want to help and CAN help in our lives and our development.  Recognizing who you need,  and who you do NOT is a great start to acknowledging WHAT you need and when you need it.

Wherever you are,  BE THERE.  If you wish away the moment,  you simply cannot experience it - good, bad or indifferent.  Learning to be PRESENT in your life, in your discoveries, in your studies, in your development  allows you to take each moment as it presents itself.  It allows you to breathe.  It takes away the easy default to project and create obstacles that simply don't need to be there.

Do not talk yourself out of something before you examine it fully.

Do not accept things without asking "why?"

Trust is earned.  Vulnerability is not lack of strength or courage.

Courage is feeling the fear, the insecurity, the vulnerability and doing it anyway.

Truth reveals itself in the most interesting places.  Stay focused, but dare to keep your peripheral vision intact.

Work for more!  Demand more from yourself.  Push your limits to find your boundaries.  Accept those boundaries. 

When you are tired - sit down!  Take a step back and rest.  Take in the view.

Learn to laugh at yourself. 

Allow the tears to cleanse you.

Find YOUR honesty.  See and accept what you can and cannot do RIGHT NOW.  Release what you cannot do - yet.  Hone the skill and craft of what is possible NOW. 

Don't overwhelm yourself with the things that are out of your control.  Know what you CAN control and release the rest.

Ask for help.

Thank those that offer honest help.

Do not think TWICE about walking away from those that want to abuse you/use you/use your situation for their gain/are vampiric/make you uncomfortable in any way.  You do not owe them ANY explanations.  YOU create the boundaries that you will live with.

SING just to SING!

Enjoy the little things.  Enjoy your now.  Imagine what a year will bring!

Here's to the next!!!

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