Post-Hurricane Sandy

Post-Hurricane Sandy
It's Sunday....the usual day of posting musings...

Today we have power and heat.  After 5 days of no power, heat or water,  it is something I cherish yet again.

However, so many post-storm have lost so much more.  I see so many angels out there organizing donations,  volunteers,  just offering a hot meal, a hot shower, a place to charge your phone!

If you can,  help however you are able.

Here are few links that may be of use!


There are obviously MANY MORE sites, including the red cross - but these sites will take you DIRECTLY to where help is needed with no red tape.  It is a start.  Do what you can if you can.

Here's another one sent to me: I would assume drop off would be possible too - makes more sense:


If you would like to assist in the relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy, my nonprofit organization, Healthwork Solutions, INC is collecting the following items and have arranged to have them picked up and disseminated to the relief center for victims in Rockaway area and Breezy Point- areas hit very hard and is receiving no support as of yet from Red Cross.  These residents are staying in FEMA shelters set up around NYC and have no homes, clothes, food etc.  There are hundreds of children staying in these shelters and we are in need of the following items:

Disposable Diapers – various sizes
Baby Wipes
Formula – various types
Infant / Toddler warm clothing (onesies, socks, thermal pjs, sweatsuit type clothing, hats, gloves, coats)
Infant Cereal / Baby Food /  Bottled Water/ Infant Juices
Granola Bars
Dry Cereal (like Cherrios)
Coloring Books/ Crayons/ Toys

PLEASE MAIL ITEMS ASAP TO:  Healthwork Solutions Inc 2205 3rd Avenue Suite 4E New York, NY 10035   

For a tax write off, our EIN # is 20-593-1031

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