Observations after a week in Brazil

Observations after a week in Brazil
Greetings from Brazil!

Thomas and I are here with FioAmericas teaching...

Our first week is complete, with all of its challenges and frustrations, and also its revelations, some wonderful students and my first performance since before the accident.

Sometimes you simply just have to DO it.  Am I the same? No.  Could I sustain a full show? No. But could I still summon my craft and deliver? I believe I did.

It was a personal triumph.  THIS is what allows for growth and confidence.  It is not comparison to anything but your previous self.

Two years ago to the date of the Gala in Brazil, I was still in a Rehab Hospital learning how to walk with a cane.  I still had many pins and staples in my body. I had many surgeries and procedures and more to come.  I was on heavy pain meds, still bruised and swollen, with many breaks still healing, and very little ability of any kind. I was only trying to walk with a cane in the PT room with a therapist on either side of me. Five steps was exhausting and I would have to sit again in my wheelchair.  I had no use of my right hand and arm.

The day of the Gala, just a few days ago, I wondered if I had lost my mind trying to perform.  I had not even tried to walk for long in a concert heel, and had not performed my beloved Kurt Weill. In over 2 years. But I decided this was for ME. I needed to know if I could still do it.

I walked out onto that stage in my heels. I did not have any spasms.  I summoned the craft I have been building my whole life, claimed what I had and committed to it.

Was it a success? yes. Why? because I have overcome a life threatening circumstance. Because I refuse to have someone else take from me something they have no authority or power over.

Because I have the same insecurities and concerns as every one of you.  Because I want to find the BEST me no matter what.  Because I will bring 100% of whatever I have. If it is only 30% or 70%, I will not dial it in.  I will bring all 30 or all 70.

I dare myself to commit to that craft.  I dare myself to improve upon it.  I dare myself to rediscover it, know my limitations and find my better self.

If I can, YOU can.

Go get it!

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