Embrace your JOY!

Embrace your JOY!
Wednesday musings...

We are constantly revamping our books,  our audition material,  and fine tuning our technique.  Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the business,  that we forget WHY we do it at all.

I can only speak for myself.  Sometimes this business drives me nuts.  As I get older,  I have less tolerance for the stupid.  This can be exhausting if you allow it. 

Again, my daughter Erin,  reminds me about joy today and she probably doesn't even know it!

Why do we do this?  Why do I do this?

At the end of the day,  music, creating a character,  embracing a new idea and allowing it to unfold,  discovering new things,  hearing something I hadn't heard before,  discovering a new way to shape a phrase,  revealing a unique way to communicate an idea to a singer in the studio - all these things give me joy.

Why do I do this?  Because whatever "this" is - I love it.  It gives me life.  It feeds me.  It gives me JOY.

When we find our joy,  we find a contentment that is really beyond words.  We can feel the cell memory of when that joy began to develop.  I remember it for me:  the day the piano arrived in the living room when I was a little girl.  My mom sat down to play and sing, and I sat beside her.  I was mesmerized and didn't leave the bench.  I couldn't play,  but I opened up one of those old Readers Digest Song Books and touched those keys and SANG the words, making up the tune as I went!  I remember the front door was open and the breeze came through the screen,  and I was COMPLETE.

The cell memory is still there.

The reminder of that joy needs to be embraced every day.  Yes, sometimes it's a chore to get to the studio,  to get to that open call,  to even get your costume on again for the 8th time that week.  Yes, it's exhausting when you audition and study and aren't booking anything. 

So, why do you do it?

Have you claimed that joy?

We all need reminders.  So I say to you,  remember what you learn,  remember what you've practiced,  remember how to do,  what to wear,  how to behave.  And then - let all that go into the subconscious;  care not about what someone else thinks; 

just simply breathe and EMBRACE THAT JOY!  The joy that brought you this far.  It's in there somewhere and you'll recognize it as soon as you start looking for it!

That unconsumed,  pure JOY of why we do what we do.  It is what allows us to breathe.  It is what gives us hope,  and gives us the momentum to pursue the possibilities.

Joy is larger than negativity,  larger than dismissal,  larger than frustration - if we let it take hold,  and own it.  Another big choice,  but I can attest - a very important one,  and one that will give you momentum and more possibilities.

I remember my joy like it was yesterday - I remember how absolutely FREE I felt while touching those keys I knew nothing about yet.  I remember how incredibly fabulous it felt to take a big breath and SING,  my feet dangling from the bench.

The joy allows for truth, and honesty and integrity.  It dismisses negativity.  It doesn't allow for suffocation.  It reflects.  It gives you the opportunity to grow,  to discover,  and to pursue that which you say you love.

That's my ongoing pursuit.  Allowing myself to embrace my joy.  I hope that for you too.

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