Sunday musings...

I have viewed some horrific YouTube videos this week.  I shake my head.
We are in such a me-me-me time of life where the Internet can be used for a myriad of self promotion (and I use it too!).

It can be a wonderful thing.  It makes it so much easier to get your information out there,  to submit for auditions, to stay in touch with people you don't see as often as you like...

It can also reveal that insanely morose self-inflicted "I am a winner" mentality too.  Self-inflicted, but also socially inflicted too.

The lack of respect of hierarchy in ability,  in talent, in skill,  has become so predictable.  EVERYBODY gets first place!  EVERYBODY gets a medal! EVERYBODY gets a car!

Everybody is not a winner.  At least not at EVERYTHING they want.

Just because you take singing lessons, doesn't make you a singer.  Just because you take dance, doesn't make you a dancer.  Just cause you act, doesn't make you an actor.

Just because you can change your own oil, doesn't make you a mechanic.

Just because you can plant a few flowers in the front of the house, doesn't make you a landscape artist.

Just because you can argue, doesn't make you a lawyer.

Just because you can take the right pain meds, doesn't make you a doctor.

I think you got my point several sentences ago.


It also means,  having a certain mindset and having a certain conversation with yourself.

If you are always looking for outside acclaim,  or trying to be better than someone else,  you are looking the wrong direction,  and in fact, that may a very large red flag that suggests you aren't DOING or BEING where you need to be.

To become a WINNER in ANY field,  is rare.  It IS a hierarchy.  The "winners" are rare.  There are many who "participate".  There are many who think they are participating when they are simply putting in time and haven't had the proper conversation with themselves.

Does it make those people "losers"?  No.  They are simply lost.  They haven't found a place to participate, or an activity to participate in,  or a true ability to discover their winning side!

Thomas speaks of,  and I use this all the time:  Your competition is with your PREVIOUS self.  Then and only then, do you begin to discover the TRUTH of a conversation with yourself.  It isn't always easy.  It's not always comfortable or pleasant.  In fact, it can be downright ruthless,  but if you want to discover where you can WIN,  it is absolutely, certainly necessary!

If you do not have the correct conversation with yourself,  you never discover where you are or where you should be. 

Seeing all these ridiculous YouTube videos makes me wonder if it is just for kicks, or done with such an intense seriousness to get attention,  or a deep delusion. 

We lost two of the "RARE" this week. 

The greatest Carmen of all time (in my humble opinion) Regina Resnik
And an artist that inspired me since childhood, Eydie Gorme.

There was only ONE of each of them.  There will ONLY BE one of each of them. 

There is only one of you. That makes you rare...

Quit comparing,  quit making excuses.  Figure out where you can truly participate,  not where you can hide,  or complain.  Dare to be better than your previous self.  Dare to be honest.  Dare to have people around you who build you up to find that better self,  not blow sunshine up your ass in order for you to continue not being honest with yourself.

Being better than your previous self, does not mean you are concert pianist material; or opera singer material;  or Broadway material;  or Picasso material;  or Baryshnikov material;  or Tolstoy material;

What does it mean?  You have to figure that out for yourself.
Happy exploring!!!

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