The New Year Letter to Self

The New Year Letter to Self
Friday evening musings...

I can't believe we have come to the final few days of 2013.  The year has flown by.  It is ridiculous what "time" does and how/where it goes!

I dislike "resolutions" - they have done nothing for me.  I prefer to reflect on the year,  and see what was DONE,  not what wasn't.  We are all great at beating ourselves up,  I am no exception.  Learning to embrace what we have accomplished is the best way to release the old year, and greet the new!  What we have accomplished,  or even moved closer to, on any and all levels of consciousness,  is worth celebration and worth inner discussion and evolution of spirit.

Maybe you didn't book the show you wanted this past year.  Dwelling on it means you are still THERE.  No one else is.  You are all by yourself,  re-living something that only exists in your mind.  It prevents you from celebrating what you DID do.  Claiming what you DID do, allows you to then see how that prepares you for what you WANT to do,  and what you NEED to do in order to claim that next step!

I love lists.  It gives my thoughts a physical awareness.  In many ways,  this blog has become that for me.  It codifies my ideas and thoughts in this particular theatre.

So perhaps making a list,  or writing a letter to yourself to acknowledge and celebrate what you have done this year is in order. 

Do not write about what you DID NOT do.  Write about what you DID do,  and what it represents to you,  and how it will lead you into a new year full of possibility.

I can write down things negatively without ANY problem - I didn't get the book done,  I didn't lose the weight I wanted,  I didn't sing publicly enough,  I didn't, I didn't...

So,  let me share with you the "lists" in my letter to self:

1.  What did I do for my career life?  NO NEGATIVES!!!!  what changed you?  what poses itself to work for change?  Name 5 things. 

2.  What did I do for my artistic life?  NO NEGATIVES!!!! sometimes these will overlap with career.
Name 5 things.

3.  What did I do for self-care?  NO NEGATIVES!!!!  Name 5 things.

4.  What did I do for/with my family?  NO NEGATIVES!!!!  Name 5 things.

5.  What did I do for/with my friends?  NO NEGATIVES!!!! Name 5 things.

6.  What did I do for my spirit and mental well-being?  (that can overlap with self-care/family/friends) NO NEGATIVES!!!! Name 5 things.

Now - how do THESE MANY accomplishments and growths allow you to move into the New Year with a renewed sense of self and purpose?  Where could they lead?  What do they arm you with?  What do you they create for you? 

And guess who accomplished them? YOU DID.

Congratulations!  You deserve it.  You deserve to dream, to wonder,  to wander,  to grow,  to explore, to feel,  and to strive toward what you are drawn to explore! 

Onward, forward, bringing the knowledge you have gained with you and releasing all things that hold you back.


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