Gearing Up for a NEW SEASON!
I can't believe it's August.  Where is the summer going?

Things are slowing down a bit,  as they always do, in order to gear back up again in a couple of weeks, as far the audition season goes in NYC.

Many of you are heading to school or back to school.  Some of you are getting ready to take on new projects, new shows, go out on tour...

How are you gearing up?

Full steam ahead is great, if you have done the work to prepare for that.

The gear up can only be successful if you are having the right conversation with yourself. 

I was touched by this quote today:

“Life is not complex.  We are complex.  Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing.”
―Oscar Wilde

This is such an important distinction that I think we often confuse for ourselves. 

Gearing up,  often means, simplifying.  Simplifying is scary.  It means we have to come to terms with what we don't need:  stuff, excuses, what ifs, buts, yeah know what I am talking about. At least I hope you do.

We all do it: complicate things.  I hear it from others and I do it myself.  The excuses to keep the narrative alive in the show that stars us. 

Sadly those excuses keep the narrative alive, but don't allow us to fully gear up to DO anything that moves as forward and into a life that has meaning.

Whether you are auditioning, or going back to school, or trying to figure out what you are doing with your talent,  ask yourself what kind of narrative you are really having with yourself:  Is it NOW? Or are the excuses in the way so you don't have to think about it til later?

Is it about you are or are not doing?  Or is it about other people who don't support you enough?

Is it about what you are really capable of? Or is it about the people you think are more talented, getting the work,  booking the jobs?

Is it about your weight?  Or the fact that you haven't done anything about that?

Is it about not having new head shots? Or the fact that you haven't saved a few dollars a week to actually new ones taken?

Is it about how expensive taking a voice lesson or an acting class is?  Or the fact that you are scared to see what you actually have in front of a professional who can clearly assess your ability?

Gearing up means taking a hold of yourself and being real.

Where are you?

No excuses.

Figure out where you are,  why you are,  and then figure out where you want to be.  When you figure out where you THINK you want to be,  then ask why?  What does that represent to you?  Is it responsible?  Is it honest?  Is it attainable?  Says who?  Says what?

Gearing up, means pairing down.  Clearing the path.  Clearing the clutter.  Honing in on what is absolutely necessary and doing it.  Honing in on what is absolutely in the way,  and releasing it.

Big choices,  big changes.  Nobody said it was easy.

Finding your strengths,  your resilience,  your truths,  allows you to clear out, and gear up and actually  DO IT this season.

Are you ready?

Take a big breath, and ask yourself.  Get ready for the REAL ANSWERS.

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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