What are You Wearing in the Room? A Fall 2014 Update!

What are You Wearing in the Room?  A Fall 2014 Update!
I wrote several years ago about what to wear for auditions.

These posts still get read regularly,  so I thought I would do an update for 2014!

What's changed?

Not much actually!

Audition attire should be rather timeless,  over all.

Even though Opera auditions are different than Music Theatre auditions,  it's still a job interview.  You are competing for a job,  not against someone.

So if you are walking in competing for your a job,  before you even open your mouth,  we see you.  How are presenting yourself?

Though Opera auditions tend to be more formal than MT ones,  that doesn't mean formal dress.  Even in the evening.  Leave the ball gowns, the taffeta and the tux in the closet.  If the clothing makes more noise than you do as you move,  leave it in the closet where it can hang quietly!

That goes for jewelry too.  I LOVE earrings and noisy ones - during the day.  I would never wear jewelry that makes noise every time I shift my head slightly, or release my jaw, or lift my hand while singing!  Again, a time and place for it,  and it isn't in the audition!


It's distracting.  And it screams "amateur".  Present yourself as professionally as possible and those at the table will be more open to say "lovely, I wonder what he/she sounds like?"  and be open to hearing you when you actually start singing.

Make sure your clothes fit you.

If you are traveling for auditions,  your audition clothes should be fabrics that don't crease or wrinkle ridiculously.

Find colors that enhance you,  not make you look ill or washed out.  If you don't know what they are, get help.  Don't ask someone who is trying to sell you something,  ask someone who is going to give you an honest answer and has nothing at stake in doing so.

Wear shoes you can walk into the room in,  and audition, and walk back out.  I am SERIOUS!

Make sure your shoes are clean and polished.  Guys,  hear me on this.

Ladies - you know how I feel about heels.  Find your comfort zone in heel height and wear them, and practice in them.

In Music Theatre, often the audition is more informal and thus the clothing can be depending on the call.  Know what you are going in for,  know what you are choosing to reveal about yourself in your outfit,  and know what looks good on you in order to do so!

Do NOT costume.  EVER.  That comes later.  When you've booked the job and are with the costume mistress.  Period.

Get your hair out of your face.

 Get your hair out of your face.

Get your hair out of your face.

Moisturize!  Lips, hands, exposed skin.  Guys this is important for you too!

Makeup? Yes please.  Not Rocky Horror Picture Show - although MAC has released a line this fall with some fabulous colors - but again, get a tutorial from someone who can show you how to apply, what to apply and when.  Find ways to pop your eyes and lips.

Get your hair out of your face.

In general,  think business casual to business dress.  In MT you can do more casual sometimes, depending on the call.   If you are going in for a Sondheim show,  or something more traditional,  you can dress more "business dress"  than you would if you were going in for Rock of Ages.

However, the audition is still about YOU not about the show or the character.  We want to see YOU.  How do you present yourself in a business situation as you compete for a job?  How important is it to you to be there?  Just pull yourself together!

Create a look that reveals who you are are!

In Opera, business dress is more appropriate given the genre.  Same ideas apply here.  We want to see you.  We do not want a character.  We want to see a singer who is pulled together,  knows how to walk into the room and deliver!

Oh, and get your hair out of your face.

Pull yourself together,  discover what enhances you,  what makes you feel good,  what makes you look polished,  and do that.

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