Something's coming...something good!
happy Thanksgiving to Canada and all the many Canadians that find themselves thrown to the wind around the world! 

So, let's add that the lyric that I have titled the post:

Something's coming,
something good!


Ah the waiting.

Waiting to be ready.

Waiting to audition.

Waiting for the audition.

Waiting for a callback.

Waiting for an offer.

Waiting.  If.  Waiting... if...

We do a lot of waiting, don't we?

Hurry up and wait.

Wait and see.

Can you just wait?

Why are you waiting?

What are you waiting for?


Waiting can be exhausting if we lose focus.

Waiting can be a crutch if we don't claim it.

Claim your wait.  What do you DO while you wait?

It all depends on what you are waiting FOR.

Work your way backward from the "something" you have yet to claim. 

When you audition,  all you can do is enhance or diminish your reputation in the room.  Were you as prepared as you could be in that moment?  Then you release the wait.  The rest is simply out of your hands.  If you wait around for a decision,  a call, an email,  you will drive yourself mad,  and perhaps lose a great opportunity to discover MORE by over-focusing on that particular audition and that particular project.

Is it annoying?  Is it a pain?  Of course it is,  but we learn HOW to wait and in the waiting, how to see and find and discover more.

Same goes for vocal development, artistic potential,  and the "hurry up and wait".  Waiting for your time.  Waiting for the gestation to be over.  Wait, wait, wait.

Why not do, do do?

Waiting doesn't need to be inactive.  It doesn't need to be antsy.  It doesn't need to be frustrating.  We create those things.  We give the wait time an excuse, a deflection, an obstacle more often than we take it as an opportunity.

A wait time is an opportunity.  It is a chance.  It is a pocket of time/space/energy that only YOU can fill.

The "hurry up and wait" can be a glorious thing!  Why?  Because it allows your time and space to actually DO something! To get ready,  to get more than ready! To use your imagination,  to discover, to facilitate learning,  to build more craft,  to hone more skill, to DO!

What happens when the wait is over?  Don't you want to be READY to simply walk through the door and claim what's on the other side?   Or are you going to be the one who still waits because your excuses clouded the time you had,  which is now gone?

So I change the lyrics...

Something's coming
Something good...
If I am READY!

Make your wait time count.  Then it's not waiting at all!

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