We all have a story
Sunday musings...

We all have a story.

But here's the thing:  what's it doing for you?

The singers that get stuck, stay stuck,  clearly are stuck,  are the ones who tend to stay so wedded to their story that it doesn't allow them to move forward.

Your story is your narrative,  but if it doesn't move your forward,  why are you hanging onto it?

Look at lyrics to a song that you are considering for audition material:  does it create a beginning middle and a end?  Does it just sit there?  Is it a woe-is-me song?  Does it DO anything?

Our own stories can facilitate the same reaction.

Your story should evolve.  If it isn't, you aren't.

Your story should have momentum.  If you are saying "I know" a lot, but not doing anything to change it,  then it doesn't.

Your story should have possibilities.  If it doesn't,  then you don't.

Your story doesn't need a full narrative.  If it does,  and it's repeated again and again, then it's about the narrative and not about the possibility.

Narrative can become a loop in the case of someone who has clung to the delusion.  They repeat the same phrase/phrases again and again.  They have written the story to justify where they are.

To be honest,  the only justification they are trying to find, is their own.

We all have a story.

We all have a back story.

Is it serving you?  Or is it simply making you spin your wheels?

Are you ready to write a new chapter,  or possibly, allow that chapter to write you?

Taking that step away from the wall can be frightening,  but don't you owe it to yourself to find out what happens?  How bad could it be?

If you are about to answer via narrative,  you are writing the script before it happens! See?

Stop telling the story before it happens...

Stop telling the story that has happened...

Find your moment.  BE in that moment.  Trust you can find what you need AS YOU NEED IT.  Be aware.  Be present.  Find yourself as you are,  not as you were, not as you wish you were.

The authenticity of you is in the discovery of your NOW.   Claim it!

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