I got this!

Sunday musings...as December begins...

Have you been guilty of saying this in the context of your talent, craft, skill set?   I say guilty, because,  what do you "got"?

I had a singer come in for a consultation a while ago who told me exactly what she felt she needed because "that acting thing?  I already got that."

It became painfully clear, that no, indeed, she did not "got that" either.

So, what have you got?  What have you got to work with?  What have you got to develop?  What have you got to get rid of?

The longer you develop your craft and your skill sets,  the more often you need to revisit the consciousness of all of it,  in order to reveal what is next!

Talent is a wonderful thing, but just like potential, it means nothing if it's not being developed.  Development is up to you.

I want to give you permission to take the time it takes to develop, to process, to journey, in order to discover, reveal, recognize and claim that which you need,  that which you choose.


Yes, we have that.  We have right now to change the mindset of "I need, I have to, I gotta..." to

"how do I develop this? What do I need to do for this?  How do I access this?"

Slow it down.  Time is a man-made concept anyway.  Craft and skill defies that,  as it defines it in a new way.  

So what have you got?

Determination?  Focus?  Tenacity? Drive?  Purpose?  Clarity?

What can you DO with that in order to develop your talent, build on your skill sets,  hone your craft?

You can claim the focused intention in order to DO the work, so that your authenticity can be revealed THROUGH the work.

Dropping some truths while drinking coffee today people! Don't think I won't re-read this for me too!

As soon as you "got" this - it's gone.  It reveals a very limited thought process.  It reveals a form of stress management.  It reveals lack of awareness, lack of being present.  It speaks volumes about the person saying it,  that that person doesn't even understand!  

Everything is cyclical.  However, cyclical in the discovery and revelation of YOU doesn't mean you have to start OVER.  Cyclical simply means you re-visit what you need to pick up, in order to re-view, re-visit, re-acquaint with something you missed, couldn't see, weren't able to acknowledge, prior to NOW.  When you re-visit and re-vamp it allows you to stretch that consciousness to where you are currently inhabiting.  It immediately adjusts and informs where you are NOW.  

Let me give you a tangible example of this from a technical perspective:

If we believe that technique is physical behavior (and for sake of argument, let's do that), then the further we develop the XYZ of our voice, the more often we need to re-visit and re-approach the ABC of the foundational work we need to allow the awareness to have a place to inhabit.

If you say "I got this" to your alignment, breath, support, physical consciousness - then, guess what?  You don't got nothing. Yes, all of that double and triple negative.  

 All the work of building the voice will topple.  Why?  Because the constant figure 8 of ABC to XYZ and back again keeps everything balanced and growing and developing in tandem. 

"I got this"  assumes nothing else needs to be done.  Craft and skill and talent cannot develop, grow and flourish in an atmosphere of "I got this".  They begin to shrivel up immediately.  

Another analogy which I used regularly is likening it to going to the gym:  So you work hard, you create the muscular structure you want, the body you have desired, and then what?  You say "I got this" and never go to the gym again and maintain that body forever?  Uh, no.  (it would be nice wouldn't it? but again, no.)

What you got is an opportunity:  to discover what you made of in spirit, soul and mind;  to figure out what your talent allows for;  to consciously create and grow skill sets that allow that talent an opportunity to move past potential into possibility;  to get excited about the journey and the time you put into it!

So figure out what you "got".  Then use that knowledge to go get it!



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