It's a New Year!

New year's Day...

I have never been much for the new year celebrations...and especially this year,  as my kitty, Tessa, is currently missing.  So if you believe in energy and hope and prayer and anything that is bigger than you are,  please send it to her so she's safe and comes home!I, however, believe in manifestation, and work,  and energy,  and focus and clarity - and dreaming.

I also believe in the moon.  Tonight is the Wolf Moon.  It is stunning and strong.

So rather than resolution,  perhaps manifestation and commitment to yourself under that incredible moon is more important and more potent.  Resolutions can be broken;  Manifestations can simply be renewed.  

Believe in your possibility.  Believe in your journey.  Believe in your commitment to YOU.

Believe you can create what you need,  by strength of mind, spirit, focus, work, energy & force of will.  

That's where the magic happens!


Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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