What Can You Do in 21 Days?

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I am just finishing, today, a 21 Day Video Challenge with the wonderful Jenn Lederer.  If you are not aware of Jenn, you really should be.  I have been working with her for several years now,  and cannot recommend her highly enough as a coach for creatives in mindset and business. 

This video challenge was transformative for me.  It gave me direction,  specificity,  focus and IDEAS, and because of it,  brought me to this blog post today.

What can you do in 21 days?

Perhaps the idea of forming a new habit or behavior in 21 days is a myth.  

I prefer the idea of embodying the possibility of not having to think about DOING that new behavior in 21 days as a way of discovery. 

I work with my singers and clients in the studio this way.  Give yourself 21 days with a new idea, a new technical focus and work on it DAILY for 21 days.  See what that possibility gives you. 

Focus, mindfulness, repetition,  and in that,  an ACTION that is more tangible than what it was when you started!

A little reminder:  doing something once,  doesn't make it behavior.

What it means, is that there is nothing in the way in order to lather, rinse and repeat, to then CREATE behavior.

Don't confuse the access to something,  with the actual accessibility to it consistently.  

In the studio,  we create access to something,  see how it "fits" and what you will have to do, EVERY DAY,  in order for it to become accessible consistency.

This is why there is no "one size fits all".  This is why technical behavior,  to allow for true authenticity,  must be developed for every unique voice/psyche/personality that walks into the studio.   This is where ego meets intuition, meets knowledge,  meets possibility!

If you want to be seen as the truly unique individual you are,  then you must be dedicated to that journey of discovery!  Your work consistently BETWEEN visits to the studio for that second set of ears and eyes and that knowledge that guides you,  is crucial for the NEXT 21 days of discovery!

What can you do in 21 days?  If you commit to it,  more than you realize! 

So, I am challenging YOU to a commitment to 21 days of craft and technical development.  

Every.  Single.  Day. 

That doesn't mean just running exercises and not knowing why.  

It means doing something for your physical craft each day and repeating that behavior.  Knowing WHY you are doing that exercise.  Staying present to assess what you are doing,  learning how to listen and sense your breath, your space, your tone;  knowing why you are doing that grounding,  that alignment, that exercise.  

It doesn't have to be hours!  It can be minutes and can still be effective if it's CONSISTENT.

Comment below as you journey this challenge,  or email me or message me!  I would love to know what you are expecting,  what you discover and how it evolves your consciousness!


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