So, what do we DO in the studio?

It's the end of summer, technically,  as we approach the fall season, just before Labor/Labour Day Weekend.  I am out of the studio for a change, to reboot,  re-group, re-visit, re-vamp, re-assess - all those things - before moving into September!

I am often asked what I DO.  

I can share my philosophy regularly, but sometimes it is important to write down more specifics and share them.  

My work throughout my career, has taken me through many genres, in many different ways.  I, therefore, can wear many different hats in theatre, and as a teacher,  I am able to access more facility.

What do I mean?

Let me try to explain a little.

A teacher speaks of, teaches and helps a singer develop technical behavior.  This is my primary focus in the studio.  My job is find you where you are - on many levels of consciousness whether we speak about it or not - so we can discover what your physical instrument is doing; what it might be capable of doing;  what it is willing to do;  what you have access to now, later, possibly - and begin to build TOGETHER a technique that will allow you to access that voice - from physical function, to athleticism, to genre and style, to authenticity.

HOW we do it is personalized based on science, physicality, and intuition.  No singer is the same as the other, therefore, my job and expertise has to cater to the specifics and individuality of the singer.  

Some days, it's that.  That's enough. 

It is where we begin.  

I always ask a singer what they are wanting to focus on in their session.  The ownership must always be accepted by the singer.  HOWEVER,  as the teacher, I am required to guide the ship.  What the singer wants to focus on may be possible, or it might not be.  I have to be the one to help determine how we get there, if we get there, why we get there, or why it's not possible and I have to communicate that to a singer.

I don't blow smoke up your ass.  Life's too short.  The business is too exhausting.  You are too important and that session is too crucial for games.  We need to find out what you need, and how we can begin to access it - together.

Technical behavior as instrument is just part of what we do in the studio.

We also explore repertoire,  to find out what fits,  what's needed given your situation and goals, what's doable, what's not.  There are many ways we explore, develop & move through repertoire.  As we discover what fits, our first focus is on the technical behavior within the language, the style and the genre.  

What else do we do?

We also explore characterization and the physicality of that characterization in your repertoire. This doesn't happen FIRST.  This can also be done with a dramatic coach in another setting.

Do we do this in this studio?  Yes, we do!  If it's something we want to focus on.  

We explore dramatic intention as craft within repertoire.

We explore presentation of audition material - and how that reveals itself through voice, body and breath - in order to reveal the authenticities you possess as an artist.

We develop presentation when recording video reels/clips and how to physicalize the work and the craft through the camera lens. 

There are so many levels of craft that we can initiate in the studio, in order for you to take it out into world more fully.  

So, what do you want to DO?  What are you READY to do?  What are you willing to EXPLORE? What are you ready to TACKLE fully so you can access your authenticity in all areas of your craft as a singing actor,  no matter the genre?

These are some of the craft and technical aspects we address and explore and mine and hone in THIS studio. 

Are you ready to take on September?  

Take the weekend to STRATEGIZE a little.  Know I am doing the same!

Let's energize the fall season with purpose and clarity and strategy and focus.  

Here's to your authenticity and your authentic voice! 

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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