Digging into the Mindset

Sunday musings…

I am so glad last week’s blog post resonated with so many of you! Thank you for all your messages and shares and questions.

The big question was about mindset - so I will try to go further with that today.

Let’s dig in a little, again, recognizing that I am not a trained psychologist, but as a singer and voice teacher, I deal with the psychology of the singer daily, and over time, have discovered a few things.

Mindset, in a nutshell, is your state of mind.

Here is a dictionary definition:

“A fixed mental attitude or disposition that pre-determines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.”

The number of differing mindsets could be vast, or small, depending on how you look at it.

As this pertains to artists/performers, let’s explore a few that come to mind:


These are the people that possess and cultivate the ability to stay pliable. There is desire and drive to continue to grow, to see outside the box, to challenge themselves in every way. They are constantly growing, asking questions, discovering more.


These are the people that get stuck. They see the negative, are afraid to take a step out of what they think is comfortable, when it’s probably holding them back. They say they want to do more, know more, be more, but there’s a block to move beyond the saying into the doing.


No discipline, no accountability, no desire. Ironically the lazy mindset can work really hard to make the excuses of why they AREN’T disciplined, and could have turned that into a true discipline!


This mindset sees what everybody else is doing, and comments, wants, covets. It is an energy sucking mindset, as it is negative, and obsessive.


This reveals focus, a coolness in dealing with the business side of art. It allows for less emotional response, yet still can be passionate and compassionate. It is organized, and present.


This mindset has the ability to dream and visualize in a big way. It sees beyond the now, and can sense possibility.


This mindset lets others decide. It accepts a leader without question, even when it’s not in the person’s interest. This mindset believes it doesn’t have a choice.


Finds a way to be grateful for something each day. Leads with that knowledge and believes it fully. Their words are truly from the heart, and they aren’t trying to butter you up or manipulate.


Confidence and strong, healthy mental health go hand in hand. This mindset allows for truth, honesty & the tangible tools to allow them to find action in their craft.


This mindset is the most complex. It possesses great awareness, empathy, problem solving, focus, ability to be pliable and make changes. This all can be positive, and it can also have a negative turn if you are unaware of that possibility. Over-complicating things is the biggest issue creative mindsets deal with.


This mindset sets a goal with a timeline, that often is not realistic and can create anger, and depression, self-sabotage and more.


This mindset gets things done! It isn’t easily distracted, and is focused and motivated.


Now this is just a few examples of mindset. I could go on with amateur mindset, professional mindset, sabotage mindset, YAP mindset, Undergrad mindset, and on and on.

There are positives and negatives for most mindsets, and more often than not, you can be a combo of 2 or more, depending on what you are looking at.

If this list helps you to see something in yourself, then that’s a start!

Perhaps you have a certain mindset when it comes to your craft, but a different one when it comes to the business, and a different one when it comes to how you see yourself in the business, and a different one in your personal life.

Developing & acknowledging the habits and behaviors that go into mindset, helps us to become conscious of the choices we often make subconsciously.

All great behavior is about bringing the unconscious into consciousness.

Mindset is no different.

Mindset is also something you can CHANGE. It is a behavior. It does not need to be a fixation, but an acknowledgment and desire to make a change. Then it takes action, choice, awareness, being present, being practical, and continuing to lead with the changes.

Start with where you are. No value judgement. Simple observation. If you are an artist mentality, there is a great deal of complexity in your mindset landscape, so don’t feel you need to figure it out all at once!

However, acknowledging where you are is the first step.

So, take a few minutes to dig into it all. Perhaps you can create a few new mindset titles along the way! Don’t be afraid to give them a name. Make them personal, and personable. Know when they kick in, and what might trigger them.

Allow your mindset to change, in order for your talent and your craft to find true authenticity.

Yes, it’s work. And worth any time and effort you spend on it.

Knowledge is power. Claim yours!

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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