The September Season is Set to Begin!

As we begin the September Season and give ourselves a minute to reboot, and organize…ask yourself the question: Who is on my team?

That team can include many different people, with specific and general expertise. That team can morph and develop and change.

Stay open to what you need and lean into the expertise as you need it. Knowing you have the team around you, and know where to reach out is crucial for all of us.

Professionals of all kinds have their team. Look at any athlete. They aren’t doing it solo. They have support all around them. We are singing athletes and we need to look at our team in the same way.

Here are some suggestions to begin to put in place for yourself:

Voice teacher.: This is the person who helps teach you how to keep your voice healthy and growing and strong so you can do what you say you want to do! If you call yourself a singer, and you are pursuing or in a singing career, this is a no-brainer! You need that second set of ears you trust, and that expertise and knowledge to keep your vocal instrument accessible, healthy and responsive, so you can meet the demands placed on you! THIS IS NOT AN EXTRA. This is truly the fulcrum of your team in so many ways. Find someone you can trust, who understands function, who sees you, who meets you where you are. This will give you permission to build and access your full and authentic voice.

Coaches: These are the people who specialize in the genre, the style, the musicality, the dramatic integration. You may have many coaches, depending on the specification, or few. Know why you are working with any given coach, and what can enhance your study and your performance with their expertise. Don’t confuse the coach with the teacher.

ENT/Laryngologist: It’s good to know of someone your voice teacher and/or coaches can recommend to you and trust. Sometimes it’s just good to know they are there, even if you just check in occasionally. Your vocal health may need this professional help from time to time, or you just might want to be put at ease that everything is healthy!

Therapist: Sometimes, we as voice teachers and coaches take on certain aspects of therapy - however, we aren’t trained in this area. Having a therapist can be absolutely crucial to your mental and emotional well-being ongoing, not just navigating this business! I have a therapist. There is no shame in reaching out to stay healthy on all levels on your being.

Dance Teachers. Acting Teachers: find the classes and the teachers that continue to help you develop your skills and craft as thoroughly as you need. Find them. Develop craft, develop technique.

Ongoing skill-sets, knowledge in finance, your website, your social media presence, health care & physical wellness are all parts of your life that need attention and focus ongoing.

Creating a fluid and bendable team that allows you reach out when you need their specific expertise as often or as infrequently as you need, is really what it’s about.

This is just an outline - and I will let YOU fill in the details of who you need and want on your team. I would love to hear your ideas and who is on your team in the comments below!

We all need each other. We all need the expertise of others so we can do our best work, and reveal our truly authentic selves.


Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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