To Hustle, or not to Hustle?

I’ve been thinking…

The word “hustle” and what it evokes. I’ve decided it’s not positive for me. Hustle sounds busy, sounds difficult, sounds trapped, sounds contained. It makes me itchy. It feels less than 3 dimensional and cloudy. It makes me feel tired, and late. It truly gives me no space to breathe and frankly, nothing to look forward to.

I am going to challenge you to make another suggestion to your psyche and change “hustle” to “create”.

Creativity is honestly part of who we are. We are all creative energy in some form or other. Hustle takes that creativity out of the equation. It dumbs down the energy that allows us to see beyond what we think is possible.

I want to create in the most seemingly mundane situations to the most mind-blowing ones. I don’t want to hustle.

To create allows action, but on your terms and directed by your sensibility. It doesn’t mean you break rules on purpose that cause havoc. It means you can approach your being there from your compass.

Creativity allows us to approach a task with something new.

It allows us to bring thought, energy & intellect to our action. It also requires discipline.

There is the deliberate & cognitive creativity: that which is problem-solving, and full of knowledge.

There is the deliberate & emotional creativity: this can seem like a random creativity, or a sudden realization, like an “a-ha!” moment.

There is the spontaneous & cognitive creativity: this can be a “Eureka!” moment of clarity after working on something and feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere.

There is spontaneous & emotional creativity: these are epiphanies, and often are found in those us who are in the arts. This is a creativity that cannot be “worked on”. It just is. These are breakthrough moments. They often happen out of the blue, at the least expected time.

Creativity is a very complex psychological state. Hustle requires no creativity.

Choosing to be creative with your life, and your tasks, can free up the weight of the hustle. Calling yourself a “Creative” can be the first step. How does that feel?

I love what Maya Angelou said: "Creativity or talent, like electricity, is something I don’t understand but something I’m able to harness and use. While electricity remains a mystery, I know I can plug into it and light up a cathedral or a synagogue or an operating room and use it to help save a life. Or I can use it to electrocute someone. Like electricity, creativity makes no judgment. I can use it productively or destructively. The important thing is to use it. You can’t use up creativity. The more you use it, the more you have."

Release the hustle. Harness the creative. Use it originally. Use it functionally. Use it because you have it. The hustle get tired. It wears you down. Creativity, on the other hand, never fatigues, and will build you up.

Create your life - from how you approach that parallel job that pays the bills between gigs, to the role you are preparing, to how you make dinner, to what you are reading and watching on Netflix, to what classes to take next, to who you spend time with.

Be deliberate; be sponateous; be emotional; be cognitive.

Creativity gives you choices. It isn’t all or nothing. It’s never the same.

I choose NOT to hustle. I choose to lead with my creativity, and allow that to inform what is next, what is now, what is later.

Let me know if you have an “aha!” moment, or what this evokes in your creative mind.

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