Pulling yourself out of "stall" and into "create"

Pulling yourself out of "stall" and into "create"
Wednesday morning musings...

We could all whine - but what does it do ultimately?  Whine, get it out of your system and then decide what you WANT and what you NEED.

A wonderful singer/writer/performer and human being with whom I work is Trent Armand Kendall.

His facebook status this morning was this:

"To: all of my colleagues who might be feeling creatively stalled,
Use this time to re-invest in who you are as an artist and and a worthy product ripe for consumption. Take that class, buy that new outfit, learn a new song or monologue.... Expand your list of skills. Write, compose, create, breathe life into something that is just a germ of an idea! Do this with out worrying about the outcome. Dance on the wind.


I immediately shared it. 

Thank you Trent for your BEING.

On my Voice Studio Page yesterday I suggested "If you need to study, why aren't you?"

It is always amazing to me how we can really put energy into the whining, and knowing what we NEED and simply refusing to get creative and find a way out of "stall".  If we put half the energy we use in whining to find a creative solution,  we would HAVE the solution!

Of course, the first "stall" is a legitimate one:  study costs money.  Yes it does.  So, instead of whining, get creative.

Do you have a teacher?  Perhaps it's time to find one that will help you, challenge you,  support you to achieve what you need.  Teacher, class, coach - whatever you need in your singing, acting and/or dancing!

If you can't afford weekly lessons,  if you budgeted could you afford a 6 week "installation" plan?  Could you work every 2nd week for 6 weeks,  record and work with those lessons, take a 6 week hiatus and then return for another 6 week installation? Just a suggestion...

Where are you in your development?  What do you actually NEED from your studies? Break that down and be honest.  If you haven't developed your craft to a level to be hired, whining isn't going to get you where you want to be.  If you truly and honestly WANT what you speak about,  then you have to GET IT.  Nobody is going to hand it to you.  Many will help you along the way, but it is still UP TO YOU to see you are stalled and make the DECISION to move into an actual gear and slowly but surely build up to where you need to be!

If you are a dancer and keep getting cut because you aren't singing well enough - why are you whining? You have been TOLD EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!!!  Why not figure out a way to make it work? 

If you are a singer with certain vocal issues,  or needing to move more effortlessly on stage, or need more acting development - then quit sitting in stall!!  DO IT!

If you are an actor who would get more work if you began vocal study, then why aren't you?

Is it really easier to just sit there?  If you call yourself an artist, a creative, then BE one!  YOU are in the driver's seat.  YOU make the choices, and if that is true, YOU have to accept the consequences.  Period.  Your creativity must be nurtured,  in order to discover what YOU can do.  If you accept that challenge (and yes, often it IS a challenge) you can then claim the rewards!

Creativity has to be nurtured in HOW WE LIVE not just in what we think we WANT.  If we begin to explore the creative of our every day living,  we can then get creative with how we handle the demands of what we need as an artist,  how we feed that,  how we find that,  how we nurture that fully.

Who can afford anything anymore? But as artists,  emerging artists, developing artists,  how can we NOT afford to invest in ourselves? 

What is necessary in your world?  Do we view study as a "necessity" or an "extra"?  Perhaps that is a first step...necessities are CRUCIAL to being alive.  Perhaps if we view our artistic development as a NECESSITY we will put in the column of rent/food/heat.  In doing that,  we begin to see the VALUE of NECESSITY and will find the means to eliminate the whining,  and know what we need to do to take a breath, release the clutch and put our artistic lives into the first gear and begin MOVING!!

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