More Reading Lists 2012 for The Actor in MT AND Opera!
Lots of great response from the first list I posted...

So I am adding more...opera singers,  please consider  some of these titles to help access what you need on stage - you ARE in theatre too!!

1.  The Third Line: The Opera Performer as Interpreter

This is a must have in the opera singer's library.  Not really a "process" book, but accesses the ideas of subtext,  dos and don'ts,  in an informative manner.  It will give you some things to chew on, consider, and ways to discover characterization within the music itself.  The sense of "larger than life" is discussed and entertained as a declamatory style for theatre.  Some interesting concepts and clear accessibility.

2.  Singer and Actor: Acting Technique and the Operatic Performer - Alan E Hicks

This book explores a history of acting technique  and what is required NOW in this digital age on stage!  It takes things step by step and is a great "review" for those who have stage experience and just want to access a tune-up,  and a wonderful resource for those pursuing opera and have little to no experience on stage or in an acting class.  (one of my pet peeves - the lack of actual ACTING training in opera programs)

3.  The Actor Speaks: Voice and the Performer - Patsy Rodenburg

The brilliant Patsy Rodenburg has put this MUST READ book together as a complete voice workshop.  This should be an absolute MUST HAVE for EVERY actor and EVERY singer.  I cannot recommend this highly enough.  She tackles everything a voice must demand of itself - from breath to projection, to resonance, to different sized halls, to different types of text - speaking AND singing.
This is a CLASSIC in the making!

4.  Freeing the Natural Voice - Kristin Linklater

Ms. Linklater,  another brilliant pioneer in the use of voice as instrument,  has created this must-have book.  Dealing primarily with the speaking voice as actor,  singers NEED this perspective as well.  So many singers do not use their speaking voices well and this is what needs to be addressed FIRST!  Written with clarity and MUCH imagery (if you learn well by imagery you will love this book),  the exercises will be inspiring and easy to access.  Again, a book you can read and re-read and access what you need when you need it.  This new edition is a more expanded text and easier to access.

5.  About Acting - Peter Barkworth

This is a must have.  Mr. Barkworth truly reveals the British theatrical approach to the stage with ease. There is much practicality and use-ability in this book.  There are also many humorous moments as well as some great historical information that will be useful and fascinating.

These are 5 more you might consider purchasing to peruse, devour, use as reference material and add to your library!  Happy Reading!

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