Fear of Failure or Fear of Success?

Fear of Failure or Fear of Success?

Happy Solstice!

A perfect day to reflect,  and turn inward, to meditate and to plan - the darkness before the dawn.

As often she does, my daughter

Erin Elizabeth

brings great light into my life and in our many discussions about life and path and artistry and career,  she again revealed truth this week.  She is an old soul and very attuned to the legacy of her grandfather and I see his wisdom in her young life.

The conversation we had this past week has given me pause, and reflection, and hope.  It has brought me to this blog entry in fact!

What is it that we fear?  Why do we procrastinate?  Why do we self-sabotage?  What draws us into the depths of melancholia?

Is it really failure?  Or fear of failure?  Or is it fear of truly discovering and living one's own power and success?  That would mean what you SAY you want, you actually LIVE.

 Perhaps on this day of reflection we need to resurface into a stronger and more enlightened discovery.

What brings you into great joy?  What allows you to feel "whole"?  to feel like you are fully "self"?  What truly makes you powerful?

If it is your artistry, your craft and being on stage,  being in the process,  committing to the process, then why are we excuse-ridden to not BE there????

Ask yourself a very simple (ha!) question:  where am I most content?  Where am I most ME?

Don't jump at the answer!  Let it move through you like a warmth.  Let it envelope you!

So now,  why wouldn't we want that all the time????  Why do we get scared or fearful???

I don't have the answers,  I just have lots of questions.

We are all guilty of this fear.  We put off our successes so often and time passes by.  I am just as guilty. None of us are exempt!

How many of you have used weight as an excuse to not claim your success?  "I need to lose more weight before I audition",  "I need to lose more weight before I get new head shots/create my website", "I need to lose weight to be seen as that type".

Really?  And do you lose the weight????  hmmmmm.....

"I need a bigger voice", "I need a smaller nose",  " I need more time",  "I will never be seen as ..", "I need to be older",  "I need to be younger",  and on and on...

And are you content?  I will answer that: no.  Why?  it isn't because you didn't lose the weight or any of the other excuses and fears!  It is because you are not in the warmth of what makes you content!!  What makes you YOU.  The weight is an fear that disables you from the truth of your success.

If you simply answer the question of what makes you content,  then you work to BE there.  The fears and excuses become obsolete!

What if you worked on your website?  you worked on your voice?  you committed to the classes that will give you more depth in your craft?  you invested in that warmth of self to claim success?

Imagine being content because you were DOING what it is that gives you most joy and completeness!  Imagine no excuses!  Imagine discovering the RIGHT questions to ask!

Failure isn't an option then.  There is no room for excuses.  There is no plan B, C or D.  All there is, is honesty, truth,  and NOW.  Discovering those things will allow for success, in whatever form it takes, and will allow you to claim more authentically what makes you, YOU.

Don't make the journey an excuse.  Don't let fear of success and claiming the authenticity of you blind you or paralyze you or stop you from discovery!

Ask the questions,  don't manipulate the questions:

What makes me happy?  Where do I feel most content?  What gives my soul joy?

How do I get there?  POSITIVE movement, NO ROAD BLOCKS!!!  Do not begin with "I would but..." or "I will, when...." or "I can't yet..."


Why wouldn't you want happiness, contentedness, fulfillment?

What will give that to you?  How do you get it?

If you truly claim THAT journey, there is no fear, but rather, great anticipation and creative thought and development to FIND IT!

Release fear and anxiety - and claim the possibility!  If there is possibility,  there is hope.  If there is hope there is desire.  If there is desire,  there is an opportunity to claim TRUTH!

We all need to find our power and release our false sense of control - and our false fears.

If you build it, they will come!

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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