Celebrate your Successes?

Celebrate your Successes?
It's almost the New Year - a year of possibilities!

Are you celebrating your successes or obsessed with what you didn't do that you forget to acknowledge what you DID do?

Dream, and then REALIZE.  Do not use blanket statements.  They don't serve you in spirit or in craft.

"I can't",  "I didn't",  "I want",  "I wish",  do not serve actual development.

"I did",  "I will",  "I can",  "I accomplished"  DO serve your growth as an artist.

Perhaps you aren't where you want to be, where you think you should be,  where you believe you can be.  But you are where you are for a reason.  So celebrate THAT.

I talked about the excuses last week...the more we dwell on those, the more we sabotage our own development, craft, artistry and career.

What did you do?  There is no such thing as a "small" or "inconsequential" success.  A success is a success.  It means you have overcome something,  and are now on the other side of it.  Hurdling over means you have conquered,  and you are moving ahead even if you are standing still!

We are always so quick to make excuses, or dismiss, or expect success to be blaring trumpets and fireworks.

True success is often quiet,  small steps, and found in the shadowed corners of your peripheral vision.  Do not dismiss it.

Do not make a list of what you did NOT do this year.  Make a list of what you DID do.

Nothing is insignificant.

Perhaps you finally took that class that scared you.  Perhaps you made enough money to study your craft regularly.  Perhaps you auditioned more than you thought you would.  Perhaps you saw a production that was about something real that moved you and changed you!

Perhaps after all those years of study,  you had an "a-ha" moment and things began to gel.  Perhaps you got up in front of your peers and made mistakes and lived to tell about it!  Perhaps...

See where I'm going?

Sometimes,  the success begins with simply getting up in the morning,  stretching and saying out loud "I will sing today".  You say it, you own it.  If you DO it,  success!

Success then allows for a higher reach.  It will give you the desire and the motivation to pursue MORE, to raise the bar,  to release "it's good enough" for "I am MORE than that".

You cannot raise the bar, until you celebrate where it was and the fact that you have cleared it.

Don't poo-poo it;  give yourself the credit,  and then continue to find the next.

You are no one but you.  Your successes are not about anybody else but you.

I work to help my singers be the best they can be.  That doesn't mean they are all ready for professional careers.  They are ready to earn their own successes with their own talent and their own limitations if they are willing to acknowledge where they are, what they are doing and where they are going.

So do not answer the question "What did you do this year?" with "nothing" or with "well I didn't do..."

When you really answer the question,  you might be pleasantly surprised to see how far you've come!

Reflect,  acknowledge,  give yourself credit for where you were,  and how far you've come.  Smile,  take a breath and take on the new year!  Celebrate YOU!

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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