Here Comes the New Year!

Here Comes the New Year!
Here we are again - another New Year's Eve...

I have NO idea where 2012 went, but I am looking forward to 2013.  13 is a lucky number.

I have read some wonderful blogs this week with great inspiration  and great kick in the pants.

These to me are the yin and yang of balance.  The essence of higher spiritual elements and the grounding of being on the earth!

Nothing proves your worth to yourself more than work.  Life is work.  Building craft is work.  Developing a career is work.  As my Dad used to say "fair? who said it was fair?"

What can I possibly add?  Nothing really.  I can only add my thoughts.

Give yourself a moment to see how far you've come.  Do not value judge that.  Do not compare it to someone else.  It is YOUR journey.  As artists,  there is not one set way to achieve.  Do not look at that as a negative or a burden,  look at it as an opportunity!  It is a gift to create your own path!  No one has done it that way or will do it that way again.  You are unique.

Release the language that binds you,  that shows your fear.  No more "I can't",  "Yes, but..", "Maybe tomorrow...",  "I'm not...", "what if..."

Catch yourself and change it.  You have that power and that responsibility!

"I CAN..."

"Yes, AND..."


"I AM..."

"When I..."

Each day we have the responsibility to take it, and seize it and make it ours.  Some days the bear eats us, and some days, we eat the bear!!!  There is no value judgement.  All we need to do is not try, but simply DO.

Change your maybes into actions.

Quit comparing yourself to others.  It takes your eyes off your own path.  It slows you down.

Embrace your doubts and make it fuel to find the answers to move through the doubts.

What do you NEED?

What brings you JOY?

What gives you PURPOSE?

Pursue those things with all of your might!

Who needs YOU?  Who do you bring JOY and PURPOSE to?

This will feed you!

Do not excuse yourself,  if you wouldn't let others get away with it!

Trust your instincts.  If you don't know them, find them.

Be true to yourself.  If you don't know yourself,  find it.

Find your joy.  Every day.

Prioritize.  Daily.  It changes daily.  Allow for that pliability.

Embrace your light corners AND your dark corners.  They need to acknowledged so they can balance.

Do not beat yourself down.  Build yourself up.  Surround yourself with people who encourage, challenge and respect YOU.

Encourage, challenge and respect YOURSELF.

Encourage, challenge and respect those around you.

Create the YOU that makes you unique.  What is it about YOU that people want to be around?  that the business should want to hire?  It has NOTHING to do with who you are like or who you want to be like.  It has to do with YOU.

YOU are enough.

Enough is up to you to fulfill.

Release each day.  Stretch through into the new day.  Learn, discover,  meditate and be still.

Take a deep breath,  release it, and smile.

A new year,  a new day,  a more real YOU!

Determination,  acknowledgement,  discovery,  focus!  Creativity,  possibility,  LIFE!

Let each action lead you and FULFILL you!

Here's to the journey of YOU in 2013.

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