2013 - accountability and focus!

2013 - accountability and focus!
This is the first blog of 2013!

The new year always gives us an opportunity to start fresh.  I have learned to release the idea of resolutions,  and create actual actions,  that give me purpose and accountability.

I am a big believer in writing things down!  Not just in "to-do" form, but more in re-affirmation form.  If you believe it,  you say it out loud and write it out.  It helps with clarity.

So what are some things you can do to make yourself more accountable,  more focused on your craft and on your career and your artistry as you start fresh this 2013?

As corny as it sounds,  buying a new day book/calendar, AND a journal can be a great start.

Write down what would benefit your CRAFT,  ARTISTRY, CAREER.  Some will intersect, some will not.

What gives you great joy?  Where are you happy?  Write it down!

What would be your DREAM of 2013 in craft, artistry and career?  Dream BIG.  If you do not dream you stifle your imagination.  If there is no imagination, there is no possibility.

No dream is too big or too small.  No dream has a value judgement.

Dream.  Write it down.  Say it out loud.  It's scary, but it's NECESSARY!

It holds you accountable to yourself and your focus.  There are no excuses.

Once you are aware of your big dreams,  how do you make them happen?  What will get you there?

More study?

Discovery of craft that frightens you?

Auditioning more?

DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES!!!!!  Not before you even get started!

Do not make weight your excuse;  do not make money your excuse;  do not make having to work 3 jobs an excuse;  do not make your location,  that cupcake you ate last night, that zit on your chin this morning, an excuse.


THIS is what you need to pursue.  Not should, not could, not might.  NEED.  The pursuit of YOU isn't like breathing, it IS breathing.

More study?  figure out what, where, with whom.  How do you realize it?  Write it down!!!!  CLAIM IT!  Then get busy to figure out the details of making it a reality.

What holds you back?  FACE IT!!!!  You are bigger than ANY fear,  and you can release it at ANY time.  First step is seeing it,  and giving it a name.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, or using other actor/singers as your "type-a-like" - why not compare yourself to YOU.  The true and real you that you know is always there but sometimes hides.

Who is she/he?  What does she/he want to DO?

Often we are asked to create a list of what we want to do in 5 years, 10 years etc and that's all well and good, but it gives us an excuse to keep waiting.  What can you do NOW?!

Business plans,  artistic plans,  craft plans are very important to create the unique and untraveled path that is yours!

Nobody gets to do it, but you!

Why say "I need to lose weight before I start auditioning"?  Who are you fooling?

"I WANT to lose weight so I have energy and health and look great and feel good.  AND I want to be auditioning."

It's amazing how powerful language is.

What are you able to do with your craft NOW?

What roles, what shows are you ready to do NOW?

Make a list of 5.  Leads, secondary leads, chorus,  whatever.  

What do you want to be able to do with your craft by the end of 2013?  Where would you like to be vocally?  dramatically?

If you are getting ready for audition season, are you in a slump with your material?  Do you need more appropriate material that shows YOU more effectively?

Make a plan.  Find the professionals you need to help you do that!

Do you have an "audition buddy"?  Someone who holds you accountable, and you hold accountable just to get out of bed and get down to the call????  Someone you can touch base with weekly to review upcoming auditions and see what is right and what is a waste of your time and theirs?  Someone you can be in the holding room with,  or meet for coffee AFTER you both audition?

The idea of audition buddies really appeals to me.  It gives you momentum and accountability and responsibility,  and frankly it's just not as lonely.

Are you too careful?  Do you need an improv class?  Does that scare the crap out of you?  Maybe it's time to DO IT!   Are you an actor or a dancer who needs to learn to sing and you just haven't committed?  Quit the excuses and DO IT!

Are you too scattered?  Is your talent real and your craft non-existent?  Isn't it time to figure out the how and why to turn that potential into reality?

Having accountability does not mean beating yourself up.  It means that you are making a clear and focused effort to make something happen by writing it down, planning it out,  telling someone else about it.

Something as simple as making a date with yourself one day a week to sit with your day book and the trades and write down every possible audition that week that you would be right for,  can begin to show you where you need to be, and how you need to be there.

What begins to emerge?  What are you learning about yourself?  What are you wanting to change?  What are you wanting to develop?

You do not have to wait before you DO!  You can study and still audition.  You can be losing weight and book a show.  You can grow your hair out,  take a class,  revamp your book,  and still pursue that dream.

Honestly focus.  Find the intangibles.  Take a breath.  Then discover how to make them tangibles. No excuses.  No fear.  Just take a breath,  and one step.  Breathe out.  Sit down.  Take another breath, and one more step.  Breathe out.  Look up!  Look out!  It's there.  You simply have to go get it.

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