Audition Buddies/Audition Vampires

Audition Buddies/Audition Vampires
Well, the Music Theatre Audition Season has kicked into full gear in NYC!

Do you have an audition buddy or are you overwhelmed by the vampires?

They are both out there.  Do you know the difference and how to handle it?

Audition buddies can be a fabulous thing:  someone that you work with to sign each other in,  wait with,  go for coffee with,  plot and scheme with!  Audition buddies respect each other's time,  each other's process,  each other's needs,  each other's schedule.

Having an audition buddy can make you accountable for that early morning sign up!  It can be a great strategy if there is more than one audition in different locations on the same day.

When you find a buddy,  it came make the process so much easier and so much more enjoyable!  If nothing else, at an open call it gives you someone you can roll your eyes at while listening to the "me me me" in the waiting room!!!

What about the audition vampire?

These are the people that expect from you.  They want everything done FOR them.  They offer to do nothing for you.  They expect that you will check the calls, you will give them all the information,  tell them what to prepare,  sign them up and give them a wake up call.  They will turn on you in a SECOND if you do not follow their rules.  They want, they take,  and they pretend to be your "friend" to get what they want.  When they find someone else who is perceived to give them more than you can, they will leave you bleeding on the floor.

Do you owe someone as an audition buddy?  Whatever you mutually decide upon.  The key word is MUTUAL.  EACH of you has to take the early shift, as it were!

Vampires never take the early shift.  They spend a lot of time expecting others to sign them in,  give them updates, etc etc - and if you DO NOT do what they expect, you will hear about it!  Your raison d'etre is about them.  Sick?  who cares?  What kind of friend are you that you are staying home and not signing them up????

The theatre vampires are everywhere:  in the audition line,  in the dance class,  in the studio...

They want want want.  They are willing to do NOTHING and then look at you with a disbelief because you didn't do what they wanted.

Buddies are going to make your audition experience and the business of juggling auditions, so much easier!  Vampires will inflict blame,  insinuate guilt,  and generally make you feel responsible for everything BUT you.

How do you rid yourself of said vampire?  No need for garlic, wooden stakes, or holy water!  Simply IGNORE.

You do not have to answer that email.

You do not have to respond to that text.

You do not have to pick up that phone call.


The greatest response to vampires is not anger, not tears, or holier than thou attitudes,  or trying to reason with them.  You cannot reason with vampires.  They want your blood.

Your INDIFFERENCE is the only way to make them turn to ash.

Ignore, and do not react.  They are not your friends,  or your colleagues or certainly not your peers.  They will find a way to feed on anybody who looks vulnerable.


Find a buddy that supports you as much as you can support them.

Real audition buddies can be a great idea.  Be a great audition buddy - with someone that gives you energy and support - not someone who sucks you dry!

I love vampires as much as the next person (look at the many meanings of this blog!!!) but I would rather not be dealing with them in the studio or in the audition process, and keep in the pages of great books, and on the screen!

Susan Eichhorn Young covers all things voice—strong and sophisticated singing and speaking. 

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