Exploration in the studio

Exploration in the studio
Sunday musings...

Today we have surpassed 150,000 readers of the blog!  Thank you for taking the time to come and visit!

I really TRULY am compiling a book based on this blog - I just need some open-ended time to get it DONE!  Too many projects, not enough time,  until I just simply say ENOUGH! I AM DOING IT NOW!

Taking that thought....

What kind of exploration do you do in the studio?

Is it all career-oriented?  Is it craft-oriented? Is it YOU-oriented?  Is it a combination of all three?  or something else?

As the new year has started with a bang,  singers are back in the studio with renewed energy,  commitment,  focus and goals.  And I,  said teacher,  am also back with a renewed sense of purpose, focus and commitment to said singers and their journeys.

My singers in my studio inspire me daily.  Our exploration together - it IS and has to be collaborative - inspires me to find them fully and give them opportunities to see for themselves.

My colleagues, my peers, the other artists in my world,  inspire me and give me food for thought even in a short conversation during a busy week!

Are we aware enough of those moments in our week to allow them to help to inspire us?  Motivate us? Or are we overly-focused on a goal that we forget how important the exploration is?

One of the first things I ask a singer when they walk into the studio for a session is:  "Is there anything specifically you want to address today?"  This leads the exploration!  This allows for a singer to claim the responsibility of being there.  This gives me direction!

Sometimes it's a technical thing;  sometimes it's a career-oriented or audition thing;  sometimes it's a physical thing;  sometimes it's an artistic thing;  sometimes it's a personal thing;

Sometimes it's a frustration;  Sometimes an "a-ha" moment;  Sometimes it is a fear, a confusion;  Sometimes it is a simple "am I okay" moment.

Whatever "it" is - it cannot be stagnant.  It cannot be dismissed or ignored.

Whatever exploration YOU choose to explore, it must be YOURS and it must be CLAIMED FULLY.

Do we explore the LOVE of the craft?  Do we fall in love with our artistry over and over,  or are we overly-focused on working that we forget what motivated us in the first place?

Are we so focused on building our technique,  that we have forgotten what it FEELS like to just make noise without value judgement?

Are we so obsessed with type/fach/where I want to sing,  that we simply forget to learn HOW to sing???

The studio is the place to come home to.  It has to have truth, understanding and an opportunity to look into the mirror and see what needs to be seen.

The moments of truth can be found there and then taken into life if we are strong enough and assured enough to do it!

A working artist or a working performer still needs to explore the craft and artistry of practice and exploration!

A frustrated artist needs to give themselves permission to slow down and re-explore and re-discover a path and a freedom to express again.

An emerging artist needs to claim behavior,  and risk,  and find the safety in vulnerability!

We are not working in a factory on an assembly line,  no matter if the business makes us feel like part of the equipment sometimes!

We are complex, we are ever-changing, and ever-evolving.

Dare yourself to RESPOND to your exploration.  Dare yourself to FEEL your exploration.  Dare yourself to simply EXPLORE from time to time as you manoeuvre the mine field of career or pursuit of career!  Take risks!  Ask questions!  Seek answers!  Dare to say "I don't know".  Dare to ask "why". Dare to allow for change.  Dare to breathe.  Dare to make an "ugly" sound.  Dare to discover and rejoice in the moments of "a-ha"!!!!  Dare to do this whether someone else is listening or not!!

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