I Should Be...

welcome to the new blog home and all things voice!

This is the first blog post coming from my new site (SusanEichhornYoung.com) and I am thrilled to welcome you here.  

This has been floating around a great deal lately:

But I should be there already...

But why can't I...

But why are they...

But when will I...

Sound vaguely familiar?

You should be exactly where you are.  Why?  Because you are.  So begin to claim that space.

You SHOULD be.  You should BE.

When you start getting distracted, you are no longer present.  When you are no longer present, you are unable to claim nor reveal,  your authenticity.  When your authenticity cannot be seen,  you are no longer visible.  When they can't see you or sense you,  they will look elsewhere.

Learning how to stay in your own lane is crucial.  It doesn't mean you aren't aware of your surroundings!  Your peripheral vision and panoramic vision is crucial,  as that is often where the magic happens!  Something may catch your eye and you follow it - and it's still your lane!

When you begin to focus on someone else's lane,  this is where you lose control of your own;  you drift,  you lose focus, you lose momentum.  Suddenly you jolt and realize you don't know where you are.  You can't be in someone else's lane,  just as they cannot be in yours.

So,  pack your favorite snacks,  load your favorite music,  fill the tank,  put on your sunglasses and  lipstick and adjust the seat! It's your lane and you are in charge of the speed, the stops along the way,  the adjustments and fine-tuning and every possibility you choose to create. There is so much in your lane, you don't have time to worry about anybody else's - only to wave and smile as you pass by!

It's time to stay present and explore what your lane looks like and where it might take you!

And the "buts"?  That's two "t"s and yours is in the driver's seat!



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